I would like to thank the following people for their invaluable help in making this book possible. Katherine Heydon, for reading the whole book cover to cover many times and providing constructive criticism on the contents. Jennifer Bray for her encouragement to write the book in the first place and allowing me the time and space to undertake such a task. All the production team at Addison-Wesley, especially Bernard Goodwin, Elizabeth Ryan, Michelle Housley and Gary Adair; my copy editor, Bob Russell; and all the others in the background who made this book happen. Nick Hunn for the many times spent discussing the best way to communicate the ideas behind the low energy technology. Zoë Hunn for the fantastic artwork on the front cover. Andy Glass for constantly asking (nagging?) about when the book would be done and providing excellent review comments. Steve Wenham, who suffered my constant ideas about how low energy could be made better. British Airways, for almost always giving me a front row bulkhead seat and allowing me to use my Blue-tooth keyboard and mouse on the many long-haul flights. This book was probably written at an average height of 30,000 feet. For the Bluetooth SIG community in general, for the many questions that they asked at All Hands Meetings, UnPlugFests, and all the various working group meetings: these questions helped determine what were the hardest concepts to explain, and therefore the basic structure and contents of this book.

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