Praise for John Schaub and Building Wealth One House at a Time

“For anyone seriously interested in investing in rental houses, John Schaub has been a guru for many years. Not only has he taught thousands of students how to ‘make it big on little deals,’ but he has brought something to real estate investment that we rarely see in this era of get-rich-quick, flip-this-house-and-make-a-fortune-overnight self-promoters: an unusually strong ethical component that guides his entire approach. In the new second edition of his Building Wealth One House at a Time, one of Schaub’s core themes is that if you treat people fairly—whether they are prospective tenants looking to rent a house or fellow investors looking to do a joint venture—you will do better. You will prosper in both the long run and the short run. ‘When a deal is too one sided,’ he writes, ‘it will go bad.’ There’s real financial wisdom in that advice. When deals go bad, you usually don’t build wealth. Schaub’s book is primarily about the nuts-and-bolts essentials that any small scale investor needs to know.”

—Kenneth R. Harney, nationally syndicated
real estate columnist, The Nation’s Housing

“John Schaub is the ‘pope’ for real estate investors. Genuine, sincere, no hype, no BS, and his methods and strategies are simple, proven and work in all markets. John is my best mentor ever!”

—Mike Butler, author, Landlording on AutoPilot

“John Schaub’s steady-Eddie approach to building wealth has worked for his students for over four decades. Here are the rules. 1. Know the local market. 2. Buy a discounted property because you have the knowledge or cash to solve the seller’s problem. 3. Rent the property to renters who will stay in the homes for years. In short, buy bargains and offer bargains. Wealth builds, one paid-off mortgage at a time.”

—Dr. Gary North, author of sixty-three books, vice president,
Ron Paul Curriculum, editor, Tea Party Economist and Remnant Review

“Schaub’s book is the new gold standard for single-family house investors.”

—Jay Decima (Fixer Jay), author of Investing in Fixer Uppers

“On my scale of one to ten, it rates an off-the-chart twelve.”

—Bob Bruss, nationally syndicated real estate columnist

“John Schaub is the only real estate guru I know who has survived and prospered for forty years in this wild and woolly market.”

—Mark Skousen, PhD, presidential fellow,
Chapman University, editor, Forecasts & Strategies

“The great thing about this book is that it doesn’t promise to make you a real estate millionaire overnight. John Schaub is the real deal! His approach is simple yet effective. Thanks to thirty-five years of experience, John has a consistent and practical approach to buying, financing, and managing houses. If you follow what he teaches, you will enjoy true financial freedom.”

—Gary Johnston, author, Financial Freedom Principles

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