About the Author

John Schaub has successfully avoided holding a job since graduating from the University of Florida. He is an active investor who manages his own properties and investments. He shares what he has learned with other investors through his newsletter, recorded courses, and seminars.

John likes enjoying money as much as making it. He is an instrument-rated pilot and has piloted his own plane since 1973, and loves to sail, fish, ski, play tennis, and travel with his family.

He is an advocate for affordable housing and public education and has helped build more than 100 homes in the United States and other countries as chair of the Fuller Center for Housing and vice chair of Habitat for Humanity, International.

To Learn More from John

John teaches his well-known seminar twice a year. The class builds on the information in this book. Students learn the fine points of buying, financing, and managing property in today’s market. As part of the class, students actually find and make offers to purchase houses at wholesale prices. For a schedule of John’s courses, a copy of his newsletter, and a description of courses that John has recorded, go to www.johnschaub.com, or write to John Schaub at 2677 South Tamiami Trail, Suite 4, Sarasota, FL, 34239.

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