Praise for Clean Agile

“In the journey to all things Agile, Uncle Bob has been there, done that, and has both the t-shirt and the scars to show for it. This delightful book is part history, part personal stories, and all wisdom. If you want to understand what Agile is and how it came to be, this is the book for you.”

—Grady Booch

“Bob’s frustration colors every sentence of Clean Agile, but it’s a justified frustration. What is in the world of Agile development is nothing compared to what could be. This book is Bob’s perspective on what to focus on to get to that ‘what could be.’ And he’s been there, so it’s worth listening.”

—Kent Beck

“It’s good to read Uncle Bob’s take on Agile. Whether just beginning, or a seasoned agilista, you would do well to read this book. I agree with almost all of it. It’s just some of the parts make me realize my own shortcomings, darn it. It made me double-check our code coverage (85.09%).”

—Jon Kern

“This book provides a historical lens through which to view Agile development more fully and accurately. Uncle Bob is one of the smartest people I know, and he has boundless enthusiasm for programming. If anyone can demystify Agile development, it’s him.”

—From the Foreword by Jerry Fitzpatrick

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