The people who played a part in the creation of this book—in no particular order:{xxiii}

Chris Guzikowski

Chris Zahn

Matt Heuser

Jeff Overbey

Micah Martin

Justin Martin

Carl Hickman

James Grenning

Simon Brown

Kevlin Henney

Jason Gorman

Doug Bradbury

Colin Jones

Grady Booch

Kent Beck

Martin Fowler

Alistair Cockburn

James O. Coplien

Tim Conrad

Richard Lloyd

Ken Finder

Kris Iyer (CK)

Mike Carew

Jerry Fitzpatrick

Jim Newkirk

Ed Thelen

Joe Mabel

Bill Degnan

And many others too numerous to name.

In my final review of this book, as I was reading the chapter on Screaming Architecture, Jim Weirich’s bright-eyed smile and melodic laugh echoed through my mind. Godspeed, Jim!

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