Chapter 10

Learning Activities

What’s in This Chapter

•  Twenty-five learning activities to use in your workshops

•  Refer to chapter 13 for instructions to download full-size handouts

To help you facilitate adult learning, we have designed learning activities to deploy regularly throughout the workshop. Their purpose is to challenge and engage learners by breaking up monotony, providing stimulation for different types of learners, and actively helping them acquire new knowledge. Such activities enliven and invigorate the experience, and they help learning stick.

Each learning activity provides detailed information about learning objectives, materials required, timeframe, step-by-step instructions, and variations and debriefing questions if required. Follow the instructions in each learning activity to prepare your workshop agenda, identify and gather materials needed, and successfully guide learners through the activity. The experiences provided by the learning activities help support the topics covered in the workshop. Bonus activities that are not part of the half-, one-, or two-day workshop agendas are also included here. You can use them to modify the existing agenda or to support your own. See chapter 13 for complete instructions on how to download the workshop support materials.

Learning Activities Included in Communication Skills Virtual Training

Learning Activity 1: Objective Decision

Learning Activity 2: The Most Difficult Person

Learning Activity 3: Identify the Noise

Learning Activity 4: Impression Improv (created by Sharon Wingron)

Learning Activity 5: Surgical Analysis of Your Story

Learning Activity 6: Listening Is More Than Hearing (created by Ken Phillips)

Learning Activity 7: Listening Stick (Part 1)

Learning Activity 8: Listening Stick (Part 2)

Learning Activity 9: Alpha Beta Exercise

Learning Activity 10: Personal Case Scenario

Learning Activity 11: Document Planning Mind Map

Learning Activity 12: Five Cs

Learning Activity 13: Clear Communication

Learning Activity 14: Concise Communication

Learning Activity 15: Complete Communication

Learning Activity 16: Correct Communication

Learning Activity 17: Considerate Communication: Circles of Influence

Learning Activity 18: Identify Your Reader’s Needs

Learning Activity 19: Draft Your Message

Learning Activity 20: Effective Virtual Teams (Part 1) (created by Dawn Mahoney)

Learning Activity 21: Effective Virtual Teams (Part 2) (created by Dawn Mahoney)

Learning Activity 22: 10 Questions About Conflict

Learning Activity 23: Choices (created by Rick Hicks)

Learning Activity 24: Informal Evaluations

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