Chapter 12


What’s in This Chapter

•  Twenty-nine handouts in thumbnail format for reference

•  Refer to chapter 13 for instructions to download full-size handouts

Handouts comprise the various materials you will provide to the learners throughout the course of the workshop. In some cases, the handouts will simply provide instructions for worksheets to complete, places to take notes, and so forth. In other cases, they will provide important and practical materials for use in and out of the training room, such as reference materials, tip sheets, samples of completed forms, flowcharts, and so forth.

The workshop agendas in chapters 13 and the learning activities in chapter 10 will provide instructions for how and when to use the handouts within the context of the workshop. See chapter 13 for complete instructions on how to download the workshop support materials.

Handouts Included in Communication Skills Virtual Training

Handout 1a: Objective Decision (Two-Day Workshop)

Handout 1b: Objective Decision (One-Day Workshop)

Handout 1c: Objective Decision (Half-Day Workshop)

Handout 2: The Most Difficult Person in the World

Handout 3: Causes of Miscommunication

Handout 4: The Importance of Body Language

Handout 5: Impression Improv

Handout 6: The Impact of Congruent Communication

Handout 7: Role of Emotion in Communication

Handout 8: Emotions and the Brain

Handout 9: Surgical Analysis of Your Story

Handout 10: Mistakes in Listening

Handout 11: Active Listening

Handout 12: Barriers to Effective Listening

Handout 13: Action Plan and Reflection

Handout 14: Alpha Beta Exercise

Handout 15: Model for Effective Business Writing

Handout 16: Personal Case Scenario Worksheet

Handout 17: Mind Map: Plan Your Content

Handout 18: Brainstorm Other Brainstorming Methods

Handout 19: The Five Cs of Effective Communication

Handout 20: Practical Practice—Clear Communication

Handout 21: Practical Practice—Concise Communication

Handout 22: Practical Practice—Complete Communication

Handout 23: Practical Practice—Checklist for Correct Communication

Handout 24: Practical Practice—Your Role in Considerate Communication

Handout 25: The Wants and Needs of Your Reader

Handout 26: Draft Your Message

Handout 27: Reflection and Action Plan

Handout 28: Speaker’s Diagram 1

Handout 29: Speaker’s Diagram 2

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