Everyone has something to say, but not everyone communicates well. In today’s virtual world, clear and concise communication that gets your message across clearly and completely is essential to your continued success.

Whether you are a good speaker or not, every person has a message that should be communicated and heard. Learning to communicate your message is much more challenging than it may seem. It takes self-reflection to discover your voice, and it takes courage and skill to use it.

Communication affects almost every part of the workplace—it can help us improve relationships and increase performance, or it can reduce trust, damage relationships, and ultimately lead to the failure of projects, teams, and organizations. Improving your communication skills takes the willingness to assess yourself honestly and the courage to take action and change existing behaviors that do not enhance communication or build relationships.

Teaching others to have better communication skills is very rewarding and can even change lives! I once had a participant come to me a few months after attending a workshop on effective communication skills; she attended the workshop because she was struggling to communicate effectively with her boss. Then she shared with me how she implemented the new skills learned in the workshop, and as a result the relationship with her boss had improved and led to positive progress in her career growth! How cool is that?

As a facilitator, you too can enable others to gain valuable skills and grow personally. If you are a seasoned trainer, you are likely already using many of these designs and formats. You may not be an expert on training or communication yet; however, with the tools and resources in this book, you can help people strengthen their communication skills. The agendas and supplemental materials included here will provide all the tools you need to deliver programs that will improve communication skills for individuals, teams, and organizations. It is exciting work that can change lives and improve organizational results.

Maureen Orey, CPTD
San Diego, California
January 2021

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