Celebrating the accomplishment of reaching an educational milestone is something that everyone does. We throw parties, cheer for graduates young and old, and give gifts, including some that are stitched with love. Cross Stitch Celebrations: Graduation shows you how to use cross stitch to make something truly unique to honor someone special.

Although it’s common to associate graduation with secondary school or higher education, those aren’t the only events this book focuses on. You can celebrate kindergarten graduations, homeschool achievements, special awards or certificates, or the hours and hours dedicated to learning a new skill.

Most graduation celebrations center around one thing: the year of graduation. But there are so many more ways to customize a cross-stitched gift! Start with the name of the person of honor, then work in the school colors, the name of the school or program, or something to represent an area of study.

The mix-and-match patterns in this book are designed so you can create a one-of-a-kind project. The main patterns range from the traditional (caps and gowns!) to the 21st century (online learning!), while the borders include plenty of confetti and educational elements. To let you create a complete cross stitch design, there are also several styles of alphabets and extra numbers, as well as mini motifs that fit in lots of places.

Along with the charts that you can combine into full projects, you can make small changes to the patterns. For example, when stitching one of the graduates, you can match the cap and gown to official school colors, swap in a different hairstyle or skin color, and even add a stole or cord. When stitching some of the patterns, there are spaces to work in the “class of” year or a mini motif. Each little detail makes your project even more of a treasure.

Changing a cross stitch pattern to make it your own can feel intimidating—no matter if you’re a beginner or an expert. But you can do this! In addition to a section on cross stitch basics, you’ll also find a guide for planning your project and a blank grid to help you (found on this page). Plus, each pattern includes tips and instructions for working with and customizing the elements.

There are unending ways to adapt the patterns and make something for your favorite graduate (and that includes yourself!). To get you started, there are a few project ideas to make a hanging diploma, a pennant, a decorated mortar board, and more.

What are you waiting for? Express your congratulations and show how proud you are of a loved one’s achievement with these celebratory stitches!

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