Part Two
Confront with Safety

What to Do during a
Crucial Confrontation

When there is enough safety, you can talk to almost anyone about almost anything. As the best problem solvers move from thinking to talking, here’s how they create safety:

Image They begin well. They know how to describe a performance gap in a way that makes it safe for others to talk about with them (Chapter 3, “Describe the Gap”).

Image They know how to help others prioritize competing demands, and they know how to discipline when necessary (Chapter 4, “Make It Motivating”).

Image They also know how to help others deal with ability barriers by jointly exploring solutions. They help others comply by making compliance easier. They understand the underlying principles of empowerment (Chapter 5, “Make It Easy”).

Image Finally, effective problem solvers know how to deal with unexpected problems or emotions that may come up during a crucial confrontation (Chapter 6, “Stay Focused and Flexible”).

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