Part Three
Move to Action

What to Do after a
Crucial Confrontation

You’ve talked about issues that are blocking performance— whether the barriers are due to motivation, ability, or both— and come up with a few ideas that will lead to a solution. Now it’s time to take these ideas and move to action.

Here’s what the best problem solvers do after the crucial confrontation to ensure that the problem doesn’t keep showing up like a bad penny:

image The best problem solvers create a complete plan. They build the foundation of accountability by being specific about what comes next. This includes who does what by when and follow-up (Chapter 7, “Agree on a Plan and Follow Up”).

image They piece together all the theories and skills into a complete problem-solving discussion. They carry a model in their heads and apply it to difficult interpersonal challenges (Chapter 8, “Put It All Together”).

image In summary, we’ll take a look at how how the principles and skills we’ve learned apply to some very common and complicated issues (Chapter 9, “The Seven Yeah-Buts”).

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