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Triunfa de la Revolución (1 Jan). Cities nationwide celebrate the “triumph of the revolution”.

Festival de la Trova Longina (mid-Jan). Santa Clara is enlivened by trova music during this fiesta.

l Festival Internacional de Jazz (late Jan). Cuban and international jazz maestros perform at venues throughout Havana.

A Year In Cuba


l Fería Internacional de los Libros (early Feb). This book fair starts in Havana before moving to other cities.

Habanos Festival (late Feb). Cuba’s premier cigar festival takes place in the capital.

A Year In Cuba


Festival del Tambor (mid-Mar). The sound of drums playing myriad genres of music can be heard at venues throughout Havana.

l Festival Internacional de Trova Pepe Sánchez (mid-Mar). Traditional trova and son are celebrated at Santiago de Cuba’s Casa de la Trova.

A Year In Cuba


Festival Piña Colada (first week). Ciego de Ávila’s music festival spans everything from hip-hop to trova.

l Festival de Semana Santa (Good Friday). Join in the solemn Easter processions through the streets of Trinidad.

Bienal de la Habana (late Apr; held in odd-numbered years). Taking place every two years, Havana showcases contemporary art in its Biennial.

A Year In Cuba


l Día de los Trabajadores (1 May). Half-a-million people parade through Havana’s Plaza de la Revolución for Labour Day.

Romerías de Mayo (first week). Cultural activities and a religious pilgrimage take place in Holguín.

A Year In Cuba


l Festival Internacional de Boleros de Oro (third week). A week of concerts celebrating romantic bolero ballads at various Havana venues.

Carnaval San Juan Camagüeyano (late Jun). Floats and street parties populate Camagüey.

Festival Internacional de Coros (last week). A nationwide celebration of choral music.

A Year In Cuba


Festival Internacional del Cine de Gibara (first week). Off-the-beaten-track Gibara hosts this International Film Festival.

Fiesta del Caribe (early Jul). Week-long commemoration of Caribbean culture in Santiago de Cuba.

l 26 de Julio (26 Jul). Cities across the country celebrate the launch of the revolution in 1953.

Carnaval de Santiago de Cuba (late Jul). A cacophony of colourful revelry can be expected from Cuba’s top carnival.

A Year In Cuba


l Carnaval de la Habana (early Aug). Havana’s sensual carnival spans two weekends.

Festival Internacional de Rumba Cubana (all month). Watch talented dancers perform Afro-Cuban rumbas in Havana, Camagüey and other cities.

A Year In Cuba


l Día de la Caridad del Cobre (8 Sep). Pilgrimage to Basilica del Cobre to honour Cuba’s patron saint and her avatar, Ochún.

Haban’Arte (mid-Sep). Havana hosts this multicultural arts festival.

A Year In Cuba


l Festival Internacional de Ballet (late Oct; held in even-numbered years). A biennial ballet event hosted by Havana’s Gran Teatro.

Festival Iberoamericana de la Cultura (late Oct). Holguín’s week-long cultural festival.

Festival de La Habana de Música Contemporaneo (last week). Chamber, classical and instrumental music in Havana.

A Year In Cuba


l Marahabana (third Sunday). The Havana marathon is Cuba’s premier running event.

Festival del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano (last week). Long lines form at Havana’s cinemas for this week-long film festival.

A Year In Cuba


Festival de Música Popular Benny Moré (mid-Dec). Cienfuegos moves to the sounds of Benny Moré.

Procesión de los Milagros (17 Dec). Devotees make a pilgrimage to the Santuario de San Lázaro in Rincón.

l Parrandas de Remedios (Christmas week). Remedios explodes with awesome firework displays during this carnival-like party.

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