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t Cruising along the Malecón in Havana.

With its bottle-green mountains, diamond-dust beaches and perfectly preserved colonial cities, Cuba is enchantingly picturesque. It also boasts a fascinating history, enthralling museums and a lively culture of music and dance. Whatever your dream trip to Cuba includes, this DK Eyewitness Travel Guide is the perfect companion.

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The largest of the Caribbean islands, Cuba’s diverse landscape spans the pristine coral reefs at Jardines de la Reina to cloud-draped mountains in the Sierra Maestra, and everything in between. Dive in tropical seas, cycle through the Valle de Viñales or look for birds in the Parque Nacional Ciénaga de Zapata. Postcard-pretty villages throughout the island still resound to the crowing of roosters and clip-clop of hooves, made even more romantic by a lack of commercialism.

Island-wide, it is possible to trace the footsteps of conquistadors or follow the revolutionary trail, from Che Guevara’s visage in Havana to Fidel Castro’s grave in Santiago de Cuba. Indeed, Cuba’s homegrown brand of Caribbean Communism is as colourful as its pastel buildings and vintage American cars. Havana is one of the most exciting cities in the Americas, offering superb art galleries, a rising foodie scene, and a nightlife that encompasses ballet and moody hole-in-the-wall bars. To the west, with a vibrant art scene and bustling nightclubs, Trinidad is more than just its colonial façade, while Santiago de Cuba moves to the beat of Afro-Cuban culture.

With so many different things to discover and experience, Cuba can seem overwhelming. We’ve broken the island down into easily navigable chapters, with detailed itineraries, expert local knowledge and colourful maps to help you plan the perfect visit. Whether you’re staying for a weekend, a week or longer, this Eyewitness guide will ensure that you see the very best that Cuba has to offer. Enjoy the book, and enjoy Cuba.

1 A mural featuring Che Guevara in Baracoa.

2 The Saltón falls of the Manantiales river at Soroa.

3 Daiquiri cocktails, made with flavourful Cuban rum.

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