Walt Disney World® Resort

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t The hustle and bustle on picturesque Main Street, U.S.A.®

Experience Walt Disney World® Resort

Since opening in 1971, Walt Disney World® Resort has exploded from a single theme park to become a fun-filled destination and cultural rite of passage, welcoming around 60 million visitors every year. Despite its size, the resort has managed to retain its nostalgic charm while simultaneously expanding and adding innovative new experiences and attractions every year.

The Magic Kingdom® remains the heart of the city-sized expanse, with its fairy-tale enchantments and iconic 189-ft- (58-m-) tall Cinderella Castle. But there’s much more beyond this famous park, and most visitors opt for longer stays in order to explore Disney’s three additional attractions – Epcot®, Disney’s Animal Kingdom®, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios®. Each one is worth at least a day, so allow plenty of time to take in an African safari, enjoy world-class thrill rides, or celebrate cinematic triumphs. The resort also offers plenty to see outside the parks, with two water parks, four golf courses, a campground, and the newly revitalized Disney Springs® providing unexpected culinary splendor, boutique shopping, and a lively downtown district ideal for date night.

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