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Scenic Journeys

With spectacular scenery wherever you travel, journeying through South Africa is as much of a delight as arriving at your destination. The only difficult part is deciding which mode of transport to take – with a variety of options by air, road and rail, the whole country is open to exploration.

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t A Rovos Rail train snaking through the lush countryside

All Aboard!

Travel in unfettered style on one of the country’s two long-haul five-star luxury train services. Crisp linens, marble-clad bathrooms and faultless service set the tone for the magnificent Blue Train, which takes 27 hours to cover the 1,600 km (995 miles) between Cape Town and Johannesburg, while Rovos Rail – “the most luxurious train in the world” – operates a number of routes connecting Cape Town to the likes of Victoria Falls and Dar es Salaam.

Glide Through the Skies

It’s hard to beat floating above a sensational landscape on a serene dawn ride in a hot air balloon. The Pilanesberg offers your best chance of getting an eagle’s-eye view over the Big Five, but you’ll find equally spectacular sights at the Cape Winelands, Magaliesberg and the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands.

Get Behind the Wheel

The call of the open road is strong in South Africa, with a plethora of epic landscapes and an excellent system of surfaced highways making a compelling case for taking an extended road trip. Out of season, there’s usually an abundance of accommodation available at short notice, which means that self-drivers can easily explore the country at their whim. Crack open the car window, crank up the stereo and follow whatever side road takes your fancy.

Venture into the Bush

A guided game drive in an open 4WD is full of thrills, as you bump through the bush with very little separating you from the surrounding wildlife. Day drives provide a good chance of spotting rhino, elephant, buffalo, giraffe and, to a lesser extent, lion, but night drives have an electric atmosphere as you search in the dark for leopard and other secretive nocturnal creatures.

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insider tip

Full Steam Ahead

Ceres Rail Company ( operates one of South Africa’s last steam trains, running regular weekend return trips from Cape Town to Ceres or Elgin.

DISCOVER South Africa Your Way


scenic drives

Sani Pass

Navigable only in a 4WD, Sani Pass leads to the highest-altitude pub in Africa.


Renowned for its spring wildflower displays, Namaqualand is best explored between August and October.

Chapman’s Peak Drive

A cliff-hugging toll road on the west side of the Cape Peninsula.

Four Passes

Allocate a full day to drive this sensational route as a round trip from Oudtshoorn.

Blyde River Canyon

The nippy road running west of the Blyde River Canyon features some of the country’s most expansive views.

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