Southwest USA for

The Great Outdoors

The unrivaled landscapes of the Southwest are made for outdoor adventures. Tramp along hiking trails deep into the backcountry, soar down ski runs under sunny blue skies, or plunge into exhilarating whitewater. The Southwest is also one of the best areas in the USA for golfing.

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t A family of hikers on the Emerald Pools Trail through Zion Canyon

By the Boots

The best way to soak up the scenery of the Southwest is on foot. State and national parks have excellent, well-marked trails of varying difficulty, from easy day hikes to challenging wilderness routes for hardy backpackers. Check out ranger-led hikes for fascinating insights into the local wildlife and environment.

Whitewater Thrills

The Green, San Juan, and Colorado rivers are among the world’s top destinations for whitewater rafting. These rivers run fast and deep, offering white-knuckle rides through breathtaking canyons. The dams along the Colorado River have created huge recreation areas where you can relax after your trip.

Hit the Slopes

There’s superb skiing to be had in the mountains of the Southwest. Head for the black diamond runs of chic Telluride, or the world-class pistes of Santa Fe Ski Area and Taos Ski Valley. For cross-country skiers, the Arizona Snowbowl near Flagstaff is a deservedly popular spot.

On the Greens

With more than 300 golf courses in Arizona alone, the Southwest is a golfer’s paradise. This is particularly true of Southern Arizona with its year-round warm weather. Scottsdale is considered to be America’s premier golf spot, while Tucson is also a putter’s paradise. New Mexico, too, has excellent courses and affordable greens fees.

Off-Road Rides

Those who like their thrills behind a wheel will enjoy this region. Moab is one of the top centers for off-road drivers. Canyonlands National Park and Sedona’s red-rock canyons are other top spots. Monument Valley is a prime location for 4WD tours, often led by Navajo guides.

Did You Know?

New Mexico’s diverse landscapes mean you can ski in the morning and golf in the afternoon.

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