Grand Canyon and Northern Arizona

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t Rock formations of the Grand Canyon with the Colorado River at sunset

Experience Grand Canyon and Northern Arizona

For most people, Northern Arizona is famous as the location of the Grand Canyon, a gorge of breathtaking proportions carved out of rock by the Colorado River as it flows southwest across the state towards the Gulf of Mexico.

The Grand Canyon forms just a part of the high desert landscape of the Colorado Plateau, with its sagebrush and amazingly colored rock formations. Here you’ll find the lively city of Flagstaff as well as for the charming towns of Sedona and Jerome. This region is also dotted with fascinating mining ghost towns such as Chloride and Oatman, a reminder that Arizona won its nickname, the Copper State, from the mineral mining boom that took place in the first half of the 20th century.

More than 25 percent of Arizona is Native American reservation land. The state is also home to several centuries-old Puebloan ruins, most notably the hilltop village of Tuzigoot and the hillside remains of Montezuma Castle.

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