Since 1955, the landmarks of Disneyland® have been as familiar and as “real” as the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building. A second theme park, Disney California Adventure® was been added adjacent to the original in 2001. Downtown Disney®, a further addition, is an entertainment, restaurant, and retail district. The two parks, three Disney hotels, and Downtown Disney® together form Disneyland® Resort.


prac_info 1313 Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, about 30 miles (48 km) south of LA • 714-781-4565 •

prac_info Disneyland®: open 8am–10pm Mon–Fri, 8am–11pm or midnight Sat & Sun; adm $109 adult, $95 child (3–9)

prac_info Disney California Adventure: open 10am–6pm Mon–Fri, 10am–9pm Sat & Sun; adm $119/$95 for adult/child 3–9

prac_info Off-peak Disneyland®: open 9am–6pm Mon–Fri, 9am–8pm Sat & Sun

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  • Try the alfresco Italian at Wine Country Trattoria, within Disney California Adventure®, and Cajun fare at the candle lit Blue Bayou in Disneyland®.
  • A ParkHopper ticket is a good deal, giving access to both Disneyland and California Dreamin’ parks. For an even better deal, get a Southern California CityPASS at

Map of Disneyland® Resort

1. Meeting Mickey

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Before meeting Mr. Mouse up close and personal, children are invited to stroll through his house and garden and visit one of his sets in Mickey’s Toontown.


Mickey’s Toontown

2. Haunted Mansion

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Dare to enter this mysterious mansion in New Orleans Square inhabited by 999 ghoulish spirits. Board a “Doom Buggy” for a chilling ride.

3. Matterhorn Bobsleds

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The park’s first roller coaster may look tame but it packs a punch. Strap into a bobsled for a bumpy but exhilarating ride. A must-do for kids!

4. Pirates of the Caribbean

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Hold on to your hat as you plunge down into a watery world of darkness where wicked pirates plunder the Caribbean.


A display at the Pirates of the Caribbean section

5. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

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Hop on to this runaway mine train roller coaster in Frontierland for a journey through the Wild West. Charge through bat caverns and brave falling rocks.

6. Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin

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Get ready for a wild ride in Mickey’s Toontown as you pilot a runaway cab through the wacky world of Roger Rabbit.

7. Space Mountain

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Soar by comets, stars, and solar systems while plunging into the unknown. Dips and sharp-banked turns will keep you clutching the edge of your rocket ship.

8. Splash Mountain

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Follow Brer Rabbit and a cast of other characters from Disney’s Song of the South on their adventures in Critter Country as you travel along a watery path aboard hollowed-out flume logs.

9. Indiana Jones Adventure™

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Join Indy on this bumpy ride through an old temple in Adventureland on a rickety jeep.

10. Star Tours – Galaxy’s Edge

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This update of one of the park’s iconic attractions in Tomorrowland features a journey to the Planet Batuu and a visit to the Black Spire Outpost in 3-D.


Star Tours–Galaxy’s edge is one of the iconic attractions in Tomorrowland


Daily schedules vary but you may get to see Mickey’s sensational parade on Main Street, U.S.A with its explosive music and decorated floats. The skies are ablaze for “Remember...” a fireworks extravaganza with popular songs from Disney movies. A seasonal highlight is Fantasmic!, a 25-minute live action evening special-effects show starring Mickey Mouse and other characters. Special shows are also set for the Christmas holidays, Lunar New Year, and Halloween.

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