This island may be only 22 miles (35 km) across the sea, but it’s a world away from the urban velocity of LA. Ferries dock in Avalon, the island’s commercial hub. Most of the interior is a protected nature preserve that may only be explored on foot or bicycle (permit required), or by organized tour. These are excellent ways to learn about the island’s history as a destination for sea otter poachers, smugglers, Union soldiers, and mining speculators.


Map of Catalina Island


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  • Try the Lobster Trap for fresh fish and Steve’s Steakhouse for meat.
  • Go swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, or take a glass-bottom boat tour.
  • Catalina is at its best in the evening, after the last ferry has whisked off most of the tourists, so consider an overnight stay.

1. Green Pleasure Pier

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This green pier has been the hub of Avalon activity since 1909. For years, it was the official weighing station for game-fishing enthusiasts.


Green Pleasure Pier and Avalon Casino

2. Lover’s Cove

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Rent a snorkel and take to the clear blue waters of this poetically named marine preserve teeming with golden Garibaldi (California’s state marine fish).

3. Wrigley Memorial and Botanic Gardens

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The monument to William Wrigley Jr., built in 1935 with local materials, towers over vast gardens. Plants include species unique to the island.


The 1935 monument dedicated to William Wrigley Jr.

4. Avalon Casino

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This Art Deco landmark, built for William Wrigley Jr., opened in 1929 and was never a gambling place. It contains a movie theater and a ballroom that once hosted nationally broadcast concerts. Murals of underwater scenes adorn the exterior.

5. Casino Point Dive Park

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This reserve, set up in 1965, was California’s first city-designated water park and is great for divers.


Casino Point Dive Park, a great spot for divers

6. Nature Center at Avalon Canyon

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Here, hands-on activities and exhibits showcase the biodiversity of the Island.

7. Catalina Country Club

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In 1929, Wrigley Jr. made this the spring training ground of his baseball team. The clubhouse is now a restaurant.

8. Two Harbors

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Popular with boaters, hikers, and campers, this slow-paced rustic village on a natural isthmus is about 23 miles (37 km) west of Avalon. It is served by ferry from the mainland and by bus from Avalon.

9. Catalina Buffalo

Island explorations may lead to encounters with herds of chocolate-colored buffalo. The first 14 animals were brought here in 1924 for a Zane Grey film.


The chocolate-coloured Catalina buffaloes

10. Catalina Island Museum

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Over 7,000 years of island history come alive here, with artifacts, pottery, and photographs from Catalina’s days as the darling of Hollywood.


Catalina has a unique ecosystem and includes such endemic species as the Channel Island fox and the Catalina ground squirrel. The introduction of non-native animals resulted in overgrazing, a trend the Catalina Island Conservancy is now seeking to reverse. Another restoration project has returned the California bald eagle to the skies. Pelicans, gulls, and cormorants can also be spotted. The ocean waters are abundant with sea lions, Garibaldi, flying fish, and shark.

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