1. Pacific Theatres at The Grove

prac_info 189 The Grove Drive, Midtown • 323-692-0164

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State-of-the-art meets Art Deco charm at this 14-screen complex that evokes the grand theaters of early LA. Great for star sightings.


Pacific Theatres at The Grove

2. New Beverly Cinema

prac_info 7165 Beverly Blvd • 323-938-4038 •

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Owned by Quentin Tarantino, this historic single-screen theater shows only movies on 35mm and 16mm film, most of which are from his private collection. Significant upgrades in 2018 have refreshed the space.

3. Cinemark 18 & XD

prac_info 6081 Center Dr, off Fwy 405 • 310-568-3375

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This cutting-edge theater has been aptly subtitled “cinema de lux”. Enjoy recently released movies while sitting in large and luxurious leather chairs.

4. ArcLight Cinemas and Cinerama Dome

prac_info 6360 W Sunset Blvd • 323-464-4226

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The exquisite 15-screen ArcLight is the shiny neighbor of the futuristic Cinerama Dome. The lobby leads to a lively café-bar with terrace. Good for star sightings.

5. The Egyptian Theatre

prac_info 6712 Hollywood Blvd • 323-466-3456

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This oldest of Hollywood Boulevard’s themed 1920s movie palaces (see The Egyptian Theatre) today houses the American Cinematheque. It presents art house fare and the documentary Forever Hollywood on weekends.

6. California Science Center IMAX Theater

prac_info 700 Exposition Park Dr • 323-744-7400 •

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IMAX stands for “maximum image” and with a screen that is seven-stories tall and 90-ft (27-m) wide (see California Science Center), it’s a fitting name. A six-channel surround-sound system ensures total sensory immersion.


California Science Center IMAX Theater

7. The Nuart Theatre

prac_info 11272 Santa Monica Blvd • 310-281-8223

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One of LA’s finest independent theaters, this shows movies that most multiplexes would avoid. The cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show still runs every Saturday.

8. TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX

prac_info 6925 Hollywood Blvd • 323-464-6266

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This flashy 1927 Chinese fantasy palace is still the site of movie premieres. Catch a blockbuster here – you may get to sit next to a celebrity. The sixplex next door has none of the original’s historic flair.


TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX

9. Bing Theater at LACMA

prac_info 5905 Wilshire Blvd, Midtown • 323-857-6010 •

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LA’s famous art museum presents high-brow retrospectives of a particular actor or director in its on-site theater. Catch classic films for cheap on Tuesdays at 1pm.

10. El Capitan Theatre

prac_info 6838 Hollywood Blvd • 323-467-7674

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Old-time Hollywood glamour has returned to LA courtesy of the famed Walt Disney Company, which has restored this 1926 theater. It now functions as a first-run cinema showing Disney flicks, sometimes preceded by lavish live shows.


1. How the Oscar got its Name

The statuette got its name in 1931 after future Academy executive director Margaret Herrick remarked that it resembled her uncle Oscar.

2. Oscar by Numbers

The 13.5-inch (34-cm) tall, 8.5-lb (3.9-kg) Oscar has been handed to winners more than 3,100 times.

3. Top Four Oscar-winning Films

Ben Hur, Titanic, and Lord of the Rings: Return of the King gained 11 awards each. West Side Story received ten.

4. Actor with Most Oscars–Male

A tie – Walter Brennan, Daniel Day-Lewis and Jack Nicholson have each won three times.

5. Actor with Most Oscars–Female

Katherine Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman and Meryl Streep are four-time Oscar winners.

6. All-time Oscar Winner

Walt Disney – 26 awards.

7. Youngest Oscar Winner

Shirley Temple, who was six years and 310 days old when she won.

8. Oscar Controversy

In 1972, Marlon Brando refused the Best Actor award in protest against the US government’s mistreatment of Native Americans.

9. Oscar Venues

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Ambassador Hotel, Shrine Auditorium, Pantages Theatre, and The Dolby (current) are the famous ones.


Oscar statue inside Dolby Theatre

10. Oscar Parties

The official post-award Governor’s Ball moved in 2002 to the Hollywood & Highland Grand Ballroom.

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