1. Choco-Story

prac_info Celetná 10 • Open 10am–7pm daily • Adm •

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This chocoholic’s delight is based on the well-known Chocolate Museum in Bruges, Belgium, and showcases the 2,600-year history of this delicacy, from the discovery of cocoa to today’s modern production methods. Visitors will also get the chance to learn the secret of producing silky chocolate and to sample products made on the spot.


Mesoamerican-style doorway at Choco-Story chocolate museum

2. Museum of Torture

prac_info Celetná 12 • Open 10am–10pm daily (to 8pm in winter) • Adm •

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If you can’t quite grasp how these grisly instruments work, the helpful illustrations should make their operation painfully clear. Approximately 100 implements of pain and dozens of etchings from all over Europe are on display, along with explanations in four languages.


Neck trap

3. Pragulic

prac_info Národní třída 417/35 • 725 314930 •

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This unusual social enterprise enables you to experience the world from the perspective of homeless people, challenge stereotypes and gain insight into their daily life. Walking tours are organized by guides among the homeless and visitors can choose between short 2-hour tours or a 24-hour one.

4. Grévin Wax Museum

prac_info Celetná 15 • 226 776776 • Open 10am–7pm daily (to 9pm Sat) • Adm •

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Walk among lifelike waxworks of famous people from history and the present day and have your photograph taken with them. The exhibition is divided thematically and includes wax figures of Mozart, Obama, George Clooney and Brad Pitt, among other famous personalities.

5. Sex Machines Museum

prac_info Melantrichova 18 • Open 10am–11pm daily • Adm •

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An exhibition in a slightly different sense, this is one show definitely not for kids. The museum traces the history of instruments for sexual gratification, from their origins to the modern day. While not entirely without cultural merit, the overall package is rather bizarre. There is also, predictably, a gift shop.

6. Marionette Don Giovanni

Mozart premiered his opera Don Giovanni in 1787 at Prague’s Estates Theatre. Of the two marionette homages to the city’s favourite opera, the better production takes place at the National Marionette Theatre. The technique of the puppeteers is so masterful, you’ll leave looking for strings attached to passers-by. A true Prague experience.


National Marionette Theatre

7. Folimanka Underground Bunker

prac_info Pod Karlovem Street • Check website for opening hours •

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This bunker, with an extensive maze of corridors and rooms, was built during the Cold War as a refuge for civilians in case of any nuclear threat. There is also an exhibition that features photos of other civilian bunkers located throughout Prague. This fully functional underground bunker is open to public once a month on a Saturday.

8. Musicals

prac_info Divadlo Broadway: Na Příkopě 31 • Hudební Divadlo Karlín: Křižíkova 10

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The Czech love of musicals knows no limits, except perhaps the number of performers willing to take part in the musical at locations around town. It began with Romeo a Julie, proceeded to a romping Monte Cristo and is still going strong with The Three Musketeers, Hamlet, Dracula, A Legend Named Holmes, or Man in the Iron Mask. Check theatre websites for details.

9. McGee’s Ghost Tours

prac_info Týnská 7 •

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Whether you are a believer, a sceptic, interested in the unexplained or simply looking for an entertaining evening, guides will take you through narrow lanes and cobbled alleys to the ancient churches and monuments, where you will hear about alchemists, murderers and the other unfortunate souls who lived there.

10. The Magic Flute

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Mozart’s last opera, written in 1791, this magical fairy-tale singspiel is a classic reimagined in a new playful concept of figures and puppetry at the National Marionette Theatre. The story of Prince Tamino and Princess Pamina is full of humour and enchanting fantasy and continues to entertain viewers as it has done for over 200 years. There is another production of the opera, known as Die Zauberflöte, which is staged at the Estates Theatre.


Performers on stage at a popular Prague opera, Mozart's The Magic Flute

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