Clockwise from top: Charles Bridge, Wenceslas Square, Spanish Synagogue, Wallenstein Garden, fresco at The Loreto, stained glass at St Vitus Cathedral, roofs at Malé náměstí

The City of a Hundred Spires, with its medieval cityscape intact, continues to dazzle as it has for the better part of a millennium. The Old Town Hall’s Astronomical Clock still chimes the hour as crowds cross the cobblestoned Charles Bridge under the gaze of the castle. With Eyewitness Top 10 Prague, this well-preserved city is yours to explore.

Praguers call their city Matka měst – the Mother of Cities – a reference to a time in the 14th century when Prague served as the capital of the Holy Roman Empire. Architectural treasures like Prague Castle, St Vitus Cathedral and The Loreto testify to that former grandeur. But Prague is more than pretty buildings. The city of Dvořák, Kafka, Bedřich Smetana and Václav Havel still throbs with culture, music, literature, theatre – and intrigue. All who visit are bewitched by the spires and the cobbles, the shadows and the tiny lanes of the most enchanting city in Central Europe.

And did we mention the beer? The Czech Republic prides itself as the home of the world’s finest lager. What could be better than winding through the Baroque streetscape of Malá Strana, taking in the National Gallery’s collection of modern art at the Trade Fair Palace and enjoying the green spaces of the Wallenstein Garden or Petřín Hill and then retiring to a traditional pub like U Zlatého tygra to digest it all over a mug of Pilsner Urquell or Staropramen?

Whether you’re coming for a weekend or a week, our Top 10 guide is designed to bring together the best of everything that Prague has to offer, from the bustle of the New Town and the imperial flavour of Hradčany to the Gothic splendour of the Old Town and the understated grace of the former Jewish quarter of Josefov. There are useful tips throughout, from seeking out what’s free to avoiding the crowds, plus eight easy-to-follow itineraries to help you visit a clutch of sights in a relatively short space of time. Add inspiring photography and detailed maps, and you’ve got the essential pocket-sized travel companion. Enjoy the book and enjoy Prague.

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