1. Paradiso Perduto

prac_info Fondamenta della Misericordia, Cannaregio 2540 • 041 720 581

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Call it animated or just plain noisy, but live world music, flowing wine and simple seafood are all part of the vibrant atmosphere at “Paradise Lost”. Always packed full to the (low) rafters, the exuberant crowd often spills out onto the canal side where tables are set up in spring and summer months.


Paradiso Perduto

2. La Cantina

prac_info Campo San Felice, Cannaregio 3689 • 041 522 82 58 • Closed Sun

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This bustling bar specializes in oysters shucked to order and other superbly fresh raw-fish delicacies. There is tasty charcuterie too, and an array of up to 30 wines to order by the glass. Elbow your way to the bar or grab an outside table.

3. The Irish Pub

prac_info Campiello dei Testori, Cannaregio 3847 • 041 099 01 96

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This is a marvellous pub with a lively Celtic atmosphere. You can always count on action here – a concert of Irish music in the cosy square, or screens showing rugby and football games. At Carnival and, of course, on St Patrick’s Day, this is the place to be.

4. Bacaro Jazz

prac_info Salizzada Fontego dei Tedeschi, S Marco 5546 • 041 528 52 49

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An enthusiastic multilingual welcome is extended to all visitors in this lively wine bar that never seems to close. It boasts almost non-stop service, an extended “happy hour” from 4 to 7pm and a delicious assortment of Spanish-style tapas snack meals to accompany the wine.


Bacaro Jazz

5. Skyline

prac_info Molino Stucky Hilton, Campo San Biagio, Giudecca 810 • 041 272 33 11

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This bar on the rooftop of the Molino Stucky Hilton hotel is the ultimate spot for a refreshing sundowner. Enjoy a cocktail as you gaze across the canal towards the Zattere, or take a dip in the pool.

6. Casinò Municipale, Palazzo Vendramin-Calergi

prac_info Campiello Vendramin, Cannaregio 2040

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A magnificent start to an exciting evening – a special ACTV launch from Piazzale Roma transports hopeful clients down the Grand Canal to the landing stage of the beautiful Renaissance palace, alias City Casino, for a glittering night at the tables or the slot machines. It is also a short walk from the San Marcuola ferry stop.

7. Martini Scala-Club Piano Bar

prac_info Campo S Fantin, S Marco 1980 • Closed Tue • 041 522 41 21

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This chic locale is the only place in Venice where you can enjoy high-quality cuisine and wine until the small hours of the morning, while being entertained by live music in air-conditioned comfort. No sleeveless tops or shorts, for men or women, are allowed.

8. Osteria da Filo

prac_info Calle del Tentor, Santa Croce 1539 • 041 524 65 54

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This relaxed bar is popular with students, who come for the cold-cut platters and the house wine, or to sip one of the many cocktails on offer. La Poppa, as it is fondly known, is open until 11pm every night.

9. Piccolo Mondo

prac_info Calle Contarini Corfù, Dorsoduro 1056/A • 041 520 03 71

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This tiny club, which does not open until 11pm, has a laid-back atmosphere. The entrance is close to the Accademia Galleries.

10. Le Bistrot de Venise

prac_info Calle dei Fabbri, S Marco 4685 • 041 523 66 51 • Closed 22–25 Dec •

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An eclectic programme of events here never ceases to entertain, from poetry readings to art exhibitions and wine and food events. An added bonus is superb wine and a fascinating menu of dishes based on traditional 15th-century recipes.


Alfresco dining at Le Bistrot de Venise

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