1. Ca’ Macana

prac_info Calle delle Botteghe, Dorsoduro 3172

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Buy one of Venice’s famous papier-mâché masks at this shop, which carries the full Carnival range and much more besides. You can watch the mask-makers in action or even attend a course in making or painting your own.

2. Nardi

prac_info Piazza S Marco 69, S Marco

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Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly and Elton John have all happily spent time (and more) in this plush boutique of glittering marvels. Three generations of craftsmen have thrilled those who can afford it with breathtaking pieces, such as their blackamoor brooch in ruby and gold or diamond and platinum.

3. Luigi Bevilacqua

prac_info Campiello della Comare, S Croce 1320

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Shimmering velvets, silks and damasks are fashioned into wonderful bags, clothes and shoes. The Bevilacqua family has been weaving precious fabrics by hand since the 1700s and you can see the ancient looms they continue to use today (see also Bevilacqua).


Ancient looms at Luigi Bevilacqua

4. Venini

prac_info Piazzetta Leoncini, S Marco 314

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Don’t expect Venetian glass animals here, rather innovative platters and vases of great simplicity and style. Since its 1921 beginnings, Venini’s award-winning design team has included top names Carlo Scarpa and Gae Aulenti.

5. Attombri

prac_info Sottoportico degli Orefici, S Polo 65

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Beautifully crafted bead jewellery is made on the premises by brothers Stefano and Daniele. Pieces range from delicate earrings to in-your-face flamboyant necklaces.

6. Rizzo

prac_info Salizzada S Giovanni Crisostomo, Cannaregio 5778

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Jet-black tagliatelle ribbons coloured with cuttlefish ink are just one option out of more than 40 imaginative pasta shapes that can be found on sale at Rizzo. Mouthwatering handmade chocolates and multicoloured Carnival masks also make marvellous souvenirs to take home.


Colourful pasta at Rizzo

7. T Fondaco dei Tedeschi

prac_info Calle del Fontego dei Tedeschi, Rialto Bridge, 30124

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Originally used as a warehouse and lodgings for German traders, this old building has now been completely refurbished as a popular luxury department store. The lovely rooftop terrace is known for its stunning views.

8. Rubelli

prac_info Ca’ Pisani Rubelli, S. Marco, 3393

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Venice’s past contact with the Orient is conjured up by the sumptuous handmade furnishings in this showroom. A blend of computer technology and traditional techniques is used for the brocades, damasks and silks.

9. Paolo Olbi

prac_info Dorsoduro 3253/A

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This shop contains exquisite photo albums and address books in rainbow-coloured marbled paper and leather. All at reasonable prices, they are made by one of the original craftsmen in Venice.


Wide range of paper at Paolo Olbi

10. Signor Blum

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The meticulously hand-crafted and hand-painted wooden items on display in this corner store (see Signor Blum), make for original presents and souvenirs. The range includes pictures of the city’s landmark buildings and portraits of outstanding musicians as fridge magnets.


1. Glassware

Impress your guests back home with a genuine Murano chandelier or perhaps a millefiori paperweight.


Murano glassware

2. Gourmet Food

For something authentically Italian but intrinsically Venetian, try extra virgin olive oil flavoured with chilli peppers, bottled red chicory paste or pasta in the shape of gondolas and masks.

3. T-shirts

The essential guaranteed souvenir of Venice, sold at the ubiquitous street stalls.

4. Masks

A mind-boggling array of masks, traditionally made for Carnival in papier-mâché, ceramic and even leather.

5. Marbled Paper

Swirls of pastel hues can be used for covering books or simply as elegant wrapping paper for gifts.

6. Beads

All manner of beads, from frosted glass to ceramic or the traditional, colourful murrhine mosaic-style, can be found.

7. Italian Wine and Liqueurs

Take advantage of lower prices and taxes by stocking up on locally produced wines.

8. Fabric

Lace is the most Venetian of materials, but attractive linens and velvets are also good value.

9. Silverwork

Photo frames, letter openers and teaspoons make lovely gifts for friends.

10. Clothes

All the top fashion names can be found in Venice.

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