Chapter 1

[1] Remember that ¤ is the universal, generic currency symbol.

Chapter 3

[1] To calculate the distance to the horizon in miles, multiply the square root of the height of your eyes by 1.35.

Chapter 4

[1] This definition will suffice for now. The next chapter will introduce the idea of estimating in ideal time as an alternative to story points. A team that estimates in ideal time will calculate velocity as the sum of the ideal time estimates of the stories completed.

Chapter 6

[1] A number in the Fibonacci sequence is generated by taking the sum of the previous two numbers.

Chapter 16

[1] Technically, I should divide it by 0.60 and 1.6. However, because 0.60 and 1.60 are meant to be reciprocals (0.6 × 1.6 = 0.96 ≅ 1), you get approximately the same values by multiplying.

Chapter 17

[1] Sizing a buffer in this way has been previously suggested by Reinertsen (1997), Newbold (1998), and Leach (2000).

[2] This is why this buffer-sizing technique is commonly called the “Square Root of the Sum of the Squares” approach.

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