The easy adaptations of this pose suit both women new to yoga and
experienced practitioners who want to get the most benefit from
Triangle during pregnancy. To avoid strain, this sequence begins with
relaxed stretches to loosen your muscles. Avoid a wide stance to
protect the pelvic and lower back muscles at this delicate stage of
pregnancy. You can resume normal yoga practice midpregnancy.
Stand with feet hip-width
apart and with your right
foot turned out. Inhale,
raise your left arm, and
look up at your hand.
Exhale and stretch up
through your hand.
Inhale and circle your left
arm. Exhale and bend your
knees as your arm drops
down, then inhale up to
complete the circle.
Repeat Steps 1 and 2
on the right side.
Move your feet farther
apart and extend your arms
out horizontally. Inhale,
bend over to the left, and
exhale in this lateral spinal
stretch. Inhale up and
repeat on the other side.
Practice this pose in early pregnancy
to help you expand your breathing
capacity. Triangle may also help
prevent or relieve heartburn.
Whenever you feel tension in the
held pose, enjoy the easier
rhythmical variations instead.
Keep your
shoulders relaxed
to allow for a
deeper stretch
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Relax in this Forward bend, keeping your knees slightly bent. Cross
your arms to hold your elbows, or, if you can, put your hands on
the floor for stability and a deeper lower back stretch. Keep your
head relaxed and take deep abdominal breaths, then either go
onto all fours or slowly stand, knees bent to protect your back.
Extend your left shoulder
back so that you feel a
diagonal stretch from the
right side of your groin up.
Then lift your left arm and
hold the classic Triangle
pose. Stretch through your
left elbow and wrist to the
middle finger. Keeping your
head in line with your spine,
gently turn your head to
look up at your hand while
breathing deeply in a
continuous relaxed stretch.
The classic Triangle pose is
presented in two progressive
steps. Stand with your legs wide
and your right foot pointing out.
Let your right arm rest anywhere
along your right leg that feels most
comfortable. Place your left hand
on the side of your rib cage in an
opening stretch as you breathe
deeply in and out.
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