This adapted postnatal Sun salutation increases your strength and
stamina while preparing you to move into, or resume, more classic
yoga poses. Without discontinuing your relaxed stretches on the
floor, the time may now be right for you to expand these gentle
movements into a regular practice of postures that increase your
energy and enjoyment of life, day by day. Make sure you remain
centered and balanced with your baby in this new vitality.
Place your baby in a safe position near you.
Stand tall in a steady Mountain pose with your
feet only slightly apart and your arms straight at
your sides. Breathe freely and center yourself.
Inhale, join your hands in Prayer mudra, and raise
your arms above your head. Avoid arching your
lower back and keep the back of your neck
extended. Stretch from heels to fingertips
as you breathe out.
Use this flowing sequence of
stretches and Forward bends to
move gracefully and easily, keeping
an uplift in your lower back at all
times. Proceed at your own pace,
practicing one pose at a time and
relaxing between steps at first if
this approach feels easier.
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Press your heels down as much as
you can and elongate the base of
your neck to realign your lumbar
curve after pregnancy
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Keep your knees slightly bent as you exhale,
bend forward, and aim to place your palms
on the floor on either side of your feet.
Keep your hands in position, and on your next inhale,
begin to walk your feet three or four small steps
backward, keeping your knees bent.
Keep your knees parallel as you align your
feet and stretch your back fully in Dog pose
(inset). Raise your hips as high as possible. It
is best to keep the knees bent in the early
weeks after birth until you have recovered
your lower back strength, even if you are
an experienced yogi. Avoid turning your
knees out as you did in pregnancy. The
base of your spine is the apex of the
pose as you stretch from your
hands up your back, and from
your feet up your legs.
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Keep your hands in position and bend your knees
to come down into Child’s pose. Relax your arms
and head on the floor in this counterpose and
rest for two breaths.
If your balance is now secure, inhale and
extend your right leg up. Keep the left leg bent.
Raise your hips as high as possible and stretch
into the heel of the raised leg as you exhale.
On an inhale, adopt adapted Dog pose (Step 5).
Step a leg forward, knee bent, and stretch the back
leg. Repeat a few times on both sides to strengthen
the lower back and stretch the hamstrings.
Lower your leg and repeat on the other side. Then
come onto your toes and continue stretching your back
as you walk your feet slowly toward your hands. Keep
your head relaxed.
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As you walk your feet forward
to reach your hands, you will
find yourself ready to lift up
into a squat. Join your palms
together in Prayer mudra. After
a full cycle of breathing in this
squat or semi-squat, inhale
and stand up slowly.
As you stand up, raise your
arms above your head and
exhale. Keep your knees
slightly bent to protect
your lumbar spine.
Inhale, straighten your
legs, and lower your hands
to chest level. As you fix
your gaze in front of you,
become aware, with a
centered mindfulness, of
the room and of your
baby lying beside you.
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