Lie on the floor with your legs
bent, your knees together,
and your arms at your sides.
As you breathe in, lift your
pelvis off the floor, as high as
feels comfortable. Keep your
knees in a straight line. Grip
the base of your spine with
your buttock muscles and
keep them tensed as you
breathe out. Lift your pelvic
floor up again, then relax
as you breathe out.
Breathe in, and on your
next exhale, release your
buttock muscles and lower
your pelvis slowly to the floor.
At the same time, bring your
knees up, one after the other
to avoid abdominal strain.
Lengthen your spine and
point your toes through two
cycles of deep abdominal
breathing. Repeat Steps 1
and 2 three times.
If you have had
a cesarean section:
Do not practice this sequence until
eight weeks after the birth.
Start by practicing small rolls at first
until you can roll back fully into
Plow without strain.
This stimulating floor sequence uses a rhythmical rolling movement
to maximize the benefits of the Plow postnatally. As you move your
spine back and forth, your roll can be as small or as acrobatic as you
can, or want to, make it. Keep your body relaxed and never force a
movement: if you cannot lift your feet over your head at first, just
enjoy Bridge (Step 1) and try Plow (Step 4) again later.
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On your next exhale,
push the palms of your
hands down on the
floor as you lift your
hips and roll them
backward, keeping
your knees bent. Let
your arms follow the
movement of your
legs as they roll back.
Skip Step 4 if you feel any strain on
the back of you neck in the Step 3
roll. If you find it easy to roll
backward, continue the roll and
straighten your legs so that your feet
touch the floor behind your head.
Rest your arms along the floor
beneath your legs.
Rest your toes on the floor
for a more relaxed pose
and a greater spinal stretch
5 6
Inhale, bend your knees, and extend your arms in
front of you to ease your forward roll back up.
Use momentum to stretch forward as you exhale.
Continue the momentum and roll into a Sitting
forward bend at the end of the exhalation. Then
inhale, roll back down onto your back, and relax.
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