You can perform every exercise in this book just about anywhere and with minimal equipment. Here are some items you might need to do the main exercises in this book as well as the variations.

Yoga mat

Because there are a lot of exercises performed on the floor, you might want to have a mat underneath you. Look for ones that will accommodate your height, can prevent slipping, and have ample cushioning.


Chairs can help with issues of limited mobility or flexibility. Find one that’s sturdy and feels comfortable.

resistance band

Buy a resistance band that’s at least 10 feet long and has comfortable handles. It should be made from high-quality rubber or have a ruffle cloth cover.


You should wear clothes that allow you to move freely and without constriction. What matters most is that you feel comfortable no matter what you wear.


You can find a wall anywhere. They offer accessibility, stabilization, and resistance—and they can even aid in relaxation. Use one with plenty of nearby floor space.


You might find you feel more comfortable performing some exercises and variations with a bolster under your legs or other body parts. Find one that feels comfortable when you hug it to your chest.


Start with small handheld weights. In time, when these don’t provide the resistance you desire, you can move up to heavier weights.

Stability Ball

Finding the best stability ball is as easy as actually sitting on one before you buy it, but also check the weight capacity. You’ll want to make sure you feel comfortable and stable while using one.

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