I’m compassionate, hardworking, shy, and reserved at times, but I have a disciplined and goal-oriented attitude toward life. I have a competitive spirit in me that brings me great joy when I meet and surpass a challenge.

Ever since my parents and I emigrated from India to North America, being physically active has always been a part of my upbringing. From competing nationally in table tennis events as a child, push-up and chin-up contests, playing tennis and squash, running in local and international races and marathons, and, most recently, playing senior ladies doubles in tennis, I never sit still for long. Staying active and eating well really hit home for me when I lost my mom to cancer at such an early age as well as several close friends.

I credit my weight training during my teenage years with giving me the physical confidence and mental determination to overcome any challenges I faced as I entered adulthood. And to this day, I rely on my work with weights to keep me strong and grounded in body and mind.

I loved long-distance running for the stability it provided to my mind as I battled through a difficult marriage breakup. Cross-training with yoga and weight training has kept me injury-free all these years, and at 58 years old, I recently suffered my first major injury while playing in a local tennis tournament. Although I completely tore my ACL and partially tore my MCL, I was back on the tennis court in 8 weeks. My recovery surprised my doctor and physiotherapist and was highly likely a result of my overall fitness level.

I raised my three boys—now also very active young adults—to keep moving and have fun in team sports like soccer, hockey, and, of course, tennis. I’ve prided myself in being a good role model for them and making fitness a key factor in maintaining joy and purpose in life. Needless to say, they’re as competitive as me. Because I’ve recently retired after 10 years from a desk job in administration, I’m looking forward to combining my passion for playing tennis with travel and having some more fun!

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