I’m a person who tenaciously goes after my goals and dreams. I want to live fully and I never want stereotypes to define who I am and how I should live. I care about people deeply. I have the skill to genuinely empathize with each person I meet and take time to see life through their lens. On a personal level, the benefits to exercise have profoundly changed my life from a physical, mental, and spiritual position. Fitness has fostered better body confidence and leadership and has allowed me to expand my mind to believing that almost anything is possible. I believe that everyone should have access to these benefits.

For more than 15 years, I’ve worked diligently to listen, observe, and adapt fitness for my clients—many of whom have felt unrepresented and sidelined by our fitness culture. Together, we’ve found ways to make things work and created options for them to adapt the same mindset and fortitude to achieve their goals. Diversity and inclusion of people of all walks of life are essential to the betterment of humankind. Everyone deserves to be seen and considered so we can all enjoy the benefits of health and wellness.

Fitness has changed who I am. I’m a more confident, body-positive, adventurous, and less fearful person than I was before. I’ve trained for some pretty rigorous goals, and fitness has taught me that if I show up and engage in the process with a positive mindset, I’ll succeed. Not everyone’s body is the same and we all have different capabilities, but we all have goals we can take higher—no matter our size, age, or ability. I became consistently active in my late 20s and I’ve always been someone who has enjoyed a variety of movement: running, triathlons, boot camps, Olympic lifting, and boxing. I’ve also learned that we all have different ways in which we’re motivated. Some like to go hardcore; some prefer a gentler approach. Some people like to track all their fitness analytics, some seek fitness adventure, and some like the same routine. It’s important to honor your fitness personality and how you’re motivated because knowing this is the key to longevity.

It’s important to understand that everyone is different, with different needs, cultures, and abilities. It’s vital to step out of yourself and try to see life through someone else’s eyes. Seek to understand their struggle and try to strategize with their life circumstances. Often, people tend to advise from their own perspective. It’s important to understand that your version of health might not be the client’s version of health and your workout will be inappropriate for them. Remember to observe, listen, and adapt because at the end of the day, most people just want to be seen and heard and know that their voice and their health matter.

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