Now that you have read the book, I hope I have helped you learn about opening a restaurant through my experiences, knowledge, and advice.

When I first launched Food & Beverage Magazine over 20 years ago, my goal was simple. I wanted to ensure that in every issue, somebody would learn something or be inspired in some way. I wanted my readers to discover something within themselves to become an entrepreneur or restaurateur. I wanted to help them gain exclusive success with my magazine. I wanted the articles to inspire ingenuity, excitement, and creativity. I wanted to create something that would ignite a spark in someone from something that they read. The magazine showcased other people's successes and how they were doing it in the hospitality industry, and I wanted others to realize that they can accomplish this, too.

This is the first time I have written a book, and I am hoping my experiences spark the desire inside you to follow your dreams and open a restaurant. Because you are reading this book, I know you were probably exploring becoming an entrepreneur or a restaurateur. You may already be a restaurateur and just need a little help, motivation, and guidance. Whatever your reason for picking up and reading this book, I want to inspire, educate, and inform you.

Would I Like to Write a Book?

I was approached about writing a book from my perspective on how to open a restaurant for $25,000, and I was thrilled beyond words. During this process, I have learned a great deal as I put my thoughts and experiences into these written words.

I know a big part of my education was publishing Food & Beverage Magazine for all those years, filled with articles about successes in the hospitality industry. I learned from being in kitchens with great chefs as well as discussing public relations professionals' pitches for story ideas. All the places I have been and all the things I've experienced have enabled me to write this book. As the process of writing this book became real, it became very challenging to make sure I gave you, the reader, the right information that will help in your inspiration. In the end, I want you to have too much information, if there is such a thing.

I talked about writing your list on your yellow legal pads (or device). I talked about research and doing more research. Think of it as putting everything you discover as well as all the information and resources into one basket. When trouble lurks, you can go into that “basket” and pick out which tool you need to succeed. You will be able to be calm and not intimidated by issues. The information and resources you need are all right here for you. If, for some reason, that tool is not what you need, you know it is okay to go back and do more research, because your answer is out there. Write it out, and hopefully think about it in a way that's clear and precise, instead of having someone try to sell you something and tell you the advantages. You now have the knowledge to say, “Wow, this tool will work for me!” or “This tool will not work for me.” Always go with your gut!

Now It is Up to You

You have read the book, and I hope your restaurant is open and you are finding great success and satisfaction. The restaurant should be not a job, but your life's passion. Yes, family, friends, and other aspects of your life should be just as important; but for those who cannot even imagine living their life without opening a restaurant, regardless of where you are in life, I raise a glass and toast you.

Cheers; and, in the unparalleled famous words of my mentor Robin Leach, I wish you “champagne wishes and caviar dreams.”

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