About Geoteaming

Meet John Chen, the extreme leader of Geoteaming. He climbs mountains, walks on fire, swims with dolphins, rides Harleys, and snowboards out of helicopters. John is a recognized thought leader on developing highly functioning corporate teams and an expert on digital team building.

As CEO, John leads his own team with an unparalleled passion for living and for people. More than 230,000 clients across the United States, Europe, and Asia have experienced breakthrough results and life-changing adventures with John and Geoteaming. John has harnessed the power of team through play with a purpose. As a connoisseur of technology and a strident adventurer, John has developed an innovative and adaptable approach to building team and leadership skills that strongly resonate with participants.

John is an accomplished author (50 Digital Team-Building Games, published by John Wiley & Sons) and winner of numerous professional awards and recognition, including two patents for software design. When you meet John, you will encounter a dynamic, energetic, and effective leader who builds strong bonds of friendship with those he meets.

You can reach John at [email protected]

Telephone 877.652.0875

Facebook http://facebook.com/ceojohnchen

Twitter http://twitter.com/geoteaming

YouTube http://youtube.com/geoteamingtv

Engaging Virtual Meetings

Engaging Virtual Meetings is a series of virtual trainings that put the ENGAGE method in practice.

Register at http://geoteaming.com/engagingvirtualmeetings

Virtual Meeting Planning

Do you have a virtual meeting that you need help with? From consulting to full-service execution of your virtual meeting, training or conference, ask Geoteaming's team from around the world to help your virtual meeting be very engaging and earn high ratings.

Find out more at http://geoteaming.com.

Virtual Team Building

Do you manage teams?

Did you just get asked to work from home?

Do you want to maximize your online teamwork?

Find out more at http://geoteaming.com/virtualteambuilding.


TeamOS, or Team Operating System, will help your team become one of the top 1% in the world.

TeamOS is a five-step process to team success:

  1. Team building: Your team executes our award-winning team-building program.
  2. Analyze: Our recordings capture gigabytes of data. We analyze why the winning team won and what coaching your teams need.
  3. Present: We present our findings to you and your executive team to create a custom message that will have the highest odds of creating team change in your culture.
  4. Coaching: Your teams receive custom coaching, including video playback from their team-building program and a series of team-building coaching sessions to help your team succeed.
  5. Results: When your team is ready, they replay our award-winning team-building program and if they have successfully implemented our coaching, they will become one of the top 1% teams in the world. Teams who have achieved top 1% status have achieved major goals such as a multimillion-dollar sales goal.

TeamOS is the culmination of 20-plus years of team building with over 2,100 companies around the world. TeamOS is a proprietary, research analytics–based, customized system that works.

Geoteaming TeamOS builds stronger, better-performing, longer-lasting, engaged, and purposeful teams.



Bring John Chen or one of our amazing facilitators to your next training session, breakout, or keynote and we'll turn this time into an interactive, engaging experience. Available on almost any platform online or for travel around the world, we'll work with you to customize your program and bring a unique experience to bring your program to life.

Contact http://geoteaming.com and click Request a Quote to speak to one of our account executives today!

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