I’m forever grateful to…

My incredible agent, Michele Martin, for your astute feedback and your genuine belief in this project. If not for you, this book would never have seen the light of day.

My delightful and wise editor, Cheryl Segura, for whipping my writing into shape with your incisive editing and insightful feedback.

My wonderful friend Marci Shimoff, who in the depth of my confusion spent over an hour on the phone helping me clarify my direction and assuring me that, yes, I was perfectly capable of adding neuroscience to my repertoire.

My extraordinary coach, Ali Brown, for pushing me farther than I ever would’ve gone on my own.

My Spotter Sisters—Suzy Carroll, Kristen Manwaring, Teresa Verraes—for listening to my highs and lows and always cheering me on. This book is the direct result of your boundless encouragement.

My dream team—Lynda Jo Schussler, Carney Mick-Hager, Jennifer Clark, Jayme Johnson, Brandi Bernoskie—who, each in your own way, have been indispensable in bringing this book out into the world. And an extra special shout out to LJ and Carney, for your impressive skills and remarkable patience. I love you both.

My beloved clients, for trusting me to mentor you though the Rewiring process and in turn teaching me so much about how the process works.

My husband, Lee Huson, for your unconditional love and support not only while I was so deeply immersed in writing this book, but throughout our years together. I’ll ever stop asking myself: How did I get so lucky?

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