Philippa “Pippa” Guy is the first female senior bartender to be appointed to The Savoy Hotel’s world-renowned American Bar in over 100 years. The last woman to hold a senior role at the bar was Ada Coleman, “England’s most famous barmaid.” Pippa particularly enjoys inventing her own original cocktail recipes and has helped create innovative cocktail menus at The Savoy, including the 2018 menu, “Every Moment Tells a Story.”


PIPPA GUY WOULD LIKE TO THANK: Harry Crowther for being my rock; tasting recipes, checking my spelling, sparkling wine expertise, emotional support—there’s no part of this book you haven’t been involved in. Thank you for your patience. Maggie and Chris Guy for your love, advice, and willingness to let me use every inch of your kitchen. Declan McGurk, Erik Lorincz, and the American Bar team for constantly pushing me outside of my comfort zone and supporting me the whole way. The Savoy Cocktail Book for inspiration and knowledge. DK for entrusting me with the most incredible opportunity. Thank you.


Photography art direction: Nicky Collings

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Editorial assistance: Megan Lea

Indexing: Vanessa Bird

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