The publisher would like to thank the following for their kind permission to reproduce their photographs:

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4Corners: Jordan Banks 10-1b; Justin Foulkes 186-7; Fortunato Gatto 2-3; Susanne Kremer 72b, 126-7t; Maurizio Rellini 8clb; Riccardo Spila 80-1; Richard Taylor 4, 70-1t; Sebastian Wasek 19, 158-9.

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The Dome: 62clb.

The Enchanted Forest: Angus Forbes 48crb.

The Malt Whisky Trail®: 148-9b.

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Front Flap: lucentius bl; theasis cra, cb; Getty Images: TangMan Photography tc; Martin Jones cla; SuperStock: Cultura Limited br

Cover images:
Front and Spine: Chris Smith
Back: 4Corners: Richard Taylor cla; Alamy Stock Photo: David Robertson tr; Swen_Stroop c; Chris Smith bc;

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