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Natural Wonders

Switzerland brims with sublime natural beauty that has inspired painters, writers and photographers for centuries. But little can truly do justice to the immensity of its mountains, the sparkle of its alpine lakes and the sheer might of its glaciers. Prepare to bow down to Mother Nature.

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t Two hikers walking over an icy path, with the Matterhorn in the distance

Monumental Peaks

A fundamental part of Swiss life, the Alps are a playground for hikers, bikers and rock climbers – and the ingenuity of Swiss engineering has made many peaks accessible to the less active visitor, too. Perhaps the most majestic of all is the iconic Matterhorn; this pyramid-shaped behemouth looms over the village of Zermatt. Still a challenge for even the most seasoned mountaineers, it’s best admired from afar – take the train to the rocky ridge of Gornergrat for a stunning view of the majestic summit.

Geological Marvels

Geological features carved out over millennia add their own unique beauty to this fascinating landscape, from Europe’s largest waterfall to deep gorges. In western Switzerland, the one to see is the Creux du Van. A range of hiking trails, from a saunter to challenging treks, lead to breathtaking views across the amphitheatre of this grand canyon.

Aletsch Glacier

Though many are shrinking at an alarming rate, Switzerland’s enthralling glaciers remain an unforgettable experience. Among the most impressive is the 23-km (14-mile) Aletsch Glacier. It is particularly stunning when the glistening ice-river contrasts with the autumn forests around it.

Enchanting Mountain Lakes

Landlocked Switzerland may be, but you’re never far from water. Head into the mountains to seek out the popular Oeschinensee, a swatch of turquoise surrounded by dramatic cliffs, or south to the sunny Mediterranean-esque Lake Lugano, a starting point for wonderful hikes.

Switzerland for Natural Wonders


Majestic Mountains


Paraglide on thermals around the mountain.


Ride Europe’s first mountain railway to the top.


Spot marmots and alpine flowers on hiking paths.

Monte Generoso

Catch the rack railway to Ticino’s most scenic spot.

Mont Fort

At the summit watch the sunrise over the valley.

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