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With rope parks, toboggan runs, water parks and forests to high-tail it through, Switzerland has it sorted. In winter, the snow-dusted peaks become Narnia for children, while the summer thaw brings dozens of water-based attractions to life.

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t Children in an aquarium tunnel at Aquatis

Rainy Days Indoors

Child-friendly museums are the perfect place to be when it’s too rainy (or snowy) to be outside. Opened in 2017, Aquatis in Lausanne is the largest freshwater aquarium in Europe, offering a journey through aquatic ecosystems, as well as the home of 10,000 fish, reptiles and amphibians. Over in Baden, “children’s culture” is revealed at the Swiss Children’s Museum, where the whole family can play together.

Into the Wild

Switzerland’s great outdoors is a wonderland for children of all ages. In the winter, hit the bunny slopes in family-friendly resorts towns, such as Wengen and Kanddersteg. When the weather warms, heed the call of cool mountain lakes and myriad hiking and cycling trails through Switzerland’s natural wonders.

For Little Explorers

With such large-scale landscapes on offer, Switzerland can appear daunting for little ones. They’ll have no problem at Swissminiatur, an open-air park on the shores of Lake Lugano with pocket-sized models of monuments and national icons, plus kid-sized trains choo-chooing between the knee-high sights. In the canton of Graubünden, children can step back in time and re-create the adventures of Heidi, Switzerland’s littlest explorer, at Heididorf.

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Babies at High Altitude

It’s easier than you might think to travel with youngsters in Switzerland. Kids under six travel free on trains, and there is often space for prams. Resort town tourist offices have information on buggy-friendly walking trails, if baby-wearing is out of the question. Nappy-changing facilities are common, and some restaurants provide high chairs.

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