Multiple factors play a role in determining how often to take the CBD, including how well the CBD is absorbed, where it’s distributed in your body, how quickly it’s metabolized, and the rate at which CBD is eliminated. Because each individual has unique biochemistry, some people need more frequent dosing, while others need less frequent dosing. For example, in patients with liver disease, metabolism of drugs in general slows down, including metabolism of CBD. This means patients with liver disease who take CBD need to have the frequency of dosing adjusted accordingly.

The nature of your medical condition also matters. Some people experience symptoms episodically and need longer intervals between doses. Others experience symptoms on an ongoing basis and need to use CBD more regularly with much shorter intervals between doses. For example, in patients with migraines, the interval of dosing varies by the frequency and duration of migraines they experience over a set period of time.

Be methodical about determining your frequency of use. Take notes to document when you took the CBD.

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