1. National Gallery

prac_info Kinský Palace: Staroměstské náměstí 12 • Sternberg Palace: Hradčanské náměstí 15 • Salm Palace & Schwarzenberg Palace: Hradčanské náměstí 2 • Open 10am–6pm Tue–Sun • Adm •

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The National Gallery’s extensive art collection is spread throughout the city in six separate locations. Kinský Palace holds ancient and contemporary art from Asia; the Convent of St Agnes holds the medieval art collection; Sternberg Palace boasts the Old Masters; the Trade Fair Palace has modern and contemporary art; Salm Palace holds temporary exhibitions; and Schwarzenberg Palace has the gallery’s collection of Baroque art.


National Gallery, Trade Fair Palace

2. National Museum

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The country’s leading natural history and ethnographic museum (see Bohumil Hrabal), reopened its gate in 2018, in the building (see National Museum) that dominates Wenceslas Square. The annexe across the street holds rotating exhibitions.

3. Galerie Rudolfinum

prac_info Alšovo nábřeží 12 • 227 059205 • Open 10am–6pm Tue–Sun • Adm •

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The “House of Artists” hosts a wide range of temporary exhibitions, each running for several months. It is always worth a visit, whatever aspect they are covering at the time.

4. Smetana Museum

prac_info Novotného lávka 1 • 221 082288 • Open 10am–5pm Wed–Mon • Adm •

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Part of the National Museum, this grand Renaissance-style building, formerly owned by a water company, is a museum dedicated to the father of Czech music, Bedřich Smetana. Documents, letters, scores and instruments detailing his life and work are exhibited here.


Interior of the Smetana Museum

5. Prague City Gallery

prac_info House of Photography: Revoluční 5 • Municipal Library: Mariánské náměstí 16 • Villa Bílek: Mickiewiczova 1 • Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace: Karlova2 • Open 10am–6pm Tue–Sun • Adm •

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The House at the Stone Bell House of Photography, Municipal Library, Villa Bílek and Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace have exhibitions of 19th- to 21st-century Czech art. Permanent exhibitions can be found in the Troja Château.

6. The City of Prague Museum

prac_info House at the Golden Ring: Týnská 6; open 9am–8pm Tue–Sun • Main Building: Na Poříčí 52; open 9am–6pm Tue–Sun • Adm •

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The permanent as well as the temporary collections of the Prague Museum are housed across fourteen buildings. Visitors can explore 19th-century Prague with Antonín Langweil’s scaled replica of the city.

7. Jewish Museum

prac_info Information & ticket centre: Maiselova 38/15 • Open 9am–6pm Sun–Fri (winter: to 4:30pm) • Adm •

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The collection of Judaic art is perhaps the world’s largest, while other exhibits present the lives and history of Jews in Bohemia and Moravia. The collection is spread out across the old synagogues of the Josefov quarter.


Seder Plate, Jewish Museum

8. National Technical Museum

prac_info Kostelní 42 • Open 9am–6pm Tue–Sun • Adm •

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This is the ultimate how-things-work museum, with exhibitions on mining, metallurgy, telecommunications, printing, the measurement of time, chemistry, transport and astronomy. Ask a guide to show you the coal mine in the basement.


Exhibits at the National Technical Museum

9. Museum of Decorative Arts

prac_info 17. listopadu 2; 251 09311; open 10am–6pm Wed–Sun, until 7pm Tue; adm • House at the Black Madonna: Ovocnỳ trh 19; open 10am–6pm Tue–Sun;

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The museum focuses on historical and contemporary crafts, applied arts and design. Exhibitions on Cubism are held at House at the Black Madonna, a classic Czech Cubist building.

10. Public Transport Museum

prac_info Patočkova 4 • Open Apr–Nov: 9am–5pm Sat–Sun & holidays • Adm •

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A celebration of more than 100 years of Prague’s transport systems. Exhibits range from horse-drawn carriages to the metro, along with unique photographs and models.


Old trams, Public Transport Museum

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