1. State Opera

prac_info Wilsonova 4 • 224 901448 •

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Set at the top of Wenceslas Square next to the National Museum, the recently renovated Státní opera, offers a repertoire heavy on Italian and Viennese favourites.


Graceful exterior of the State opera

2. Divadlo Archa

prac_info Na Poříčí 26 •

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Prague’s premiere venue for avant-garde music, dance and movement theatre. David Byrne and Compagnie Pál Frenák have performed here.

3. Hybernia

prac_info Náměstí Republiky 4 •

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Housed in a former monastery, this musical theatre opened in 2006 with the musical Golem. It hosts a range of cultural events.

4. Ponec

prac_info Husitská 24a, Žižkov •

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This contemporary dance and movement theatre space, opened in 2001, has all aspects covered, from top international dance acts to workshops for young talent.

5. Smetana Hall

prac_info Náměstí Republiky 5 • 222 002336 •

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The glorious Art Nouveau Smetana Hall at the Municipal House is home to the Prague Symphony Orchestra (Fok). The spring music festival traditionally opens here with Smetana’s Má vlast.

6. National Theatre

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The Národní divadlo curtain first went up for Smetana’s Libuše in 1883; you can still see this or other Czech operas on the same stage. Go to a performance, if only to appreciate the artistic work that went into creating the theatre.

7. Laterna Magika

prac_info Národní třída 4 •

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A variety of themes involving dance, music, pantomime, black light and multimedia projections are used by the actors of this company to bring alive stories on the stage.


Performance at the Laterna Magika

8. Estates Theatre

prac_info Ovocný trh 1 •

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Stavovské divadlo is well known as the venue where Mozart’s Don Giovanni saw its first performance. It was also the first Czech-language playhouse in what was then a largely German-speaking city. The productions occasionally leave something to be desired, but if you don’t see the Don here, then where?


The 18th-century Estates Theatre

9. Rudolfinum

prac_info Alšovo nábřeží 12 •

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The Rudolfinum is home to the Czech Philharmonic. During World War II, the Nazis sought to remove Felix Mendelssohn from the statues on the roof, but inadvertently ousted Richard Wagner instead.

10. National Marionette Theatre

prac_info Žatecká 1 •

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The National Theatre’s puppet stage represents the pinnacle of this much-loved genre, staging wonderful productions of Czech fairy tales and other child-pleasing shows (in Czech). They have the best Beatles tribute in town and a marionette version of Don Giovanni.


1. St Kajetan Church

prac_info Nerudova 22

This magnificent church regularly holds concerts of Bach, Mozart or Brahms.


St Nicholas Cathedral, Old Town

2. Convent of St Agnes

This medieval convent regularly holds recitals.

3. St Nicholas Church, Malá Strana

Appreciate the Malá Strana church’s Baroque grandeur at a concert of sacred music.

4. Basilica of St James

This active house of worship regularly invites the general public to hear its organ (see Basilica of St James).

5. Mirror Chapel

The Baroque chamber of the Clementinum hosts string quartets and other small ensembles.

6. St Martin in the Wall

prac_info Martinská 8

Organ and other recitals are on the bill at this Gothic church, which was once part of the Old Town defences.

7. Spanish Synagogue

The ornate 1880 organ figures in the sacred music concerts held in this opulent synagogue.

8. St George’s Basilica

Choral and string recitals present the greatest works of Mozart, Beethoven and other composers (see St George’s Basilica).

9. Church of Sts Simon and Jude

prac_info U Milosrdných

Catch an ensemble of the Prague Symphony Orchestra players in this Renaissance sanctuary.

10. St Nicholas Cathedral, Old Town

The Old Town church hosts chamber music recitals twice daily (see St Nicholas Cathedral).

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