Albuquerque and Southern New Mexico

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t Exterior of the Albuquerque Museum, located in the heart of Old Town

Experience Albuquerque and Southern New Mexico

Southern New Mexico is home to natural wonders such as the Carlsbad Caverns, as well as modern cities thriving on hi-tech research industries. Albuquerque is the state’s largest city, with an Old Town plaza and fine museums. West of here is Acoma Pueblo, the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in the US. The southern third of the state is dominated by the Chihuahua Desert, which is one of the driest in the region. Despite this, the area was cultivated by Hohokam farmers for centuries. The Gila Cliff Dwellings preserve a remarkable settlement built by the Mogollon people between 1275 and 1300,. In the 17th century Apaches occupied much of the region, with its reputation as a Wild West outpost stemming from the 19th-century exploits of characters such as Billy the Kid.

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