1. Mosto

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Serving contemporary classics prepared by award-winning chef Daniel Urdaneta, Mosto has plenty of fans thanks to its great wine list and immaculate service.


Relaxed ambience at Mosto, an international bistro in Sanlitun

2. Georg

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With a tasteful fine dining affair curated by the eponymous Danish silverware brand, Georg has a minimalist design, and is located near a babbling brook. Sample the wine pairing and tasting menus.


Elegant dining at Georg

3. Din Tai Fung

prac_info 24 Xinyuan Xili Middle Street • 6462 4502 • ¥¥

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This place specializes in southern Chinese dishes, particularly the light, fresh flavors of Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces. Try the xialong bao, juicy buns filled with pork or seafood prepared in a bamboo steamer, or the steamed dumplings with vegetables.

4. TRB Hutong

prac_info 23 Shatan Beijie • 8400 2232 • Subway: Dong Si Shi Tiao • ¥¥¥

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Located in a beautifully restored 600-year-old temple complex, this upmarket restaurant offers superb European cuisine. A second TRB branch is located near the Forbidden City, and promises an equally great dining experience (see TRB Forbidden City). Advance reservations are essential.

5. Toast at the Orchid

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The Orchid gained fame as a stylish hotel at the end of a winding hutong, but the Middle Eastern-inspired mezze and tapas menu at its in-house restaurant also has patrons raving. Come for dinner, stay for a drink, and soak up the atmosphere.

6. Lost Heaven

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Located in the former US embassy, this restaurant has plenty of authentic touches from the southwestern province of Yunnan. This is the most foreign-friendly of the Chinese cuisines, and it is famous for its local cheese.

7. Dali Courtyard

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Beautifully lit by candles at night, this atmospheric courtyard venue wins top marks for ambience, as well as for its excellent set menus made up of classic dishes from Yunnan province. It’s a good idea to reserve a table.

8. Country Kitchen

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A lively restaurant with an elegant decor (see Country Kitchen), it offers a flavorful selection of northern Chinese dishes such as beef brisket, duck and black mushroom sauce, as well as Sichuan ones, like fiery chicken and prawns.

9. Mercante

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Mercante brings a rustic Mediterranean vibe to Beijing’s hutongs, and is worth a visit for its authentic handmade pasta, homemade ricotta cheese, and organic beef. Good cooking takes time, but sip on some quality wines and enjoy the evening.

10. Cai Yi Xuan

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With its award-winning cuisine, Cai Yi Xuan offers a fine dining experience. Especially popular are their artistically presented Cantonese dishes such as sea cucumber, abalone, and seasonal hairy crab.


Refined table setting at Cai Yi Xuan


1. Mr Shi’s Dumplings

prac_info 88 Baochao Hutong, Gulou Donglu

MSG-free dumplings and local dishes served by English-speaking staff.


Steamed dumplings

2. Ling Er Jiu Noodles

prac_info Xingfucun Zhong Lu, Sanlitun

Some of the best noodles in Beijing are served here.

3. Pingwa Sanbao

prac_info 10A Xiangjunzhuang Lu

Offers hand-pulled noodles and chuan’r (kebabs).

4. Green Bites Dumpling Bar

prac_info Kirin Place lobby, 11 Fu’an Xi Lu

Socially responsible dumplings, with eco-friendly carry-out boxes.

5. Mama de Weidao

prac_info 6–110 Zhongguo Hong Jie Building, 2 Gongti Dong Lu

Home-style northern cuisine.

6. The Southern Fish

prac_info 49 Gongmenkou Toutiao

The impossibly spicy Hunan food here attracts plenty of locals; reserve ahead.

7. Nice Rice

prac_info 23 Dongsiertiao, Dongcheng

Hunan cuisine in modern surrounds; try stir-fried tofu and fiery beef dishes.

8. Zhang Mama

prac_info 76 Jiaodoukou Nan Dajie

This is the place for hot Sichuan snacks; even the scrambled eggs are packed with chili.

9. Yun Er Small Town

prac_info 84 Beiluoguxiang

Yunnan fare on a rooftop terrace; try the potatoes cooked with tea leaves.

10. Tiger Mama

prac_info Building 38, Sanlitun Xijie

Macanese shop offering wet or dry noodles, fish balls, and beef offal.

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