Balboa Park Museums Map

1. San Diego Museum of Man

prac_info 619 239 2001 • Open 10am–5pm daily • Adm •

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Learn about evolution from a replica of a 4-million-year-old human ancestor, and visit the Ancient Egypt room for mummies and funerary objects. Artifacts from the Kumeyaay, San Diego’s original inhabitants, and a replica of a Mayan monument emphasize the culture of the Americas.

2. San Diego Museum of Art

prac_info 619 232 7931 • Open 10am–5pm Mon, Tue & Thu (to 8pm Fri), noon–5pm Sun • Adm •

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This exceptional museum has works by old masters and major 19th- and 20th-century artists. Be sure to check out the Asian art collection.


Visitors at San Diego Museum of Art

3. Mingei International Museum

prac_info 619 239 0003 • Open 10am–5pm Tue–Thu & Sun (to 6pm Fri & Sat) • Adm •

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The Japanese word mingei means “art of the people” and on view here is a display of international folk art. Exhibits include textiles, jewelry, furniture, and pottery.

4. San Diego Natural History Museum

prac_info 619 232 3821 • Open 10am–5pm daily • Adm •

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Galleries showcase the evolution and diversity of California. Exhibits, guided weekend nature walks, and field trips explore the natural world.


Display at the Natural History Museum

5. Timken Museum of Art

prac_info 619 239 5548 • Open 10am–4:30pm Tue–Sun (from noon Sun) •

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The collection includes Rembrandt’s Saint Bartholomew, and works by Rubens and Bruegel the Elder.

6. San Diego History Center

prac_info 619 232 6203 • Open 10am–5pm daily • Adm •

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An alternating collection of old photographs and artifacts that introduce San Diego’s early years.

7. Museum of Photographic Arts

prac_info 619 238 7559 • Open 10am–5pm Tue–Sun (summer: to 8pm Thu) • Adm •

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Temporary exhibitions featuring the world’s most celebrated camera geniuses mix with pieces from the museum’s permanent collection. The theater screens film classics.

8. San Diego Air and Space Museum

prac_info 619 234 8291 • Open 10am–4:30pm daily • Adm •

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One of the museum’s finest planes, the Lockheed A-12 Blackbird spy plane, greets you on arrival. Don’t miss the International Aerospace Hall of Fame.

9. San Diego Automotive Museum

prac_info 619 231 2886 • Open 10am–5pm daily • Adm •

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Discover California’s car culture through classic vehicles and rotating and permanent exhibits. A Racing Hall of Fame honors past giants of the racing world.


A classic car at San Diego Automotive Museum

10. Centro Cultural de la Raza

prac_info 619 235 6135 • Open noon–4pm Tue–Sun •

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This former water tower, decorated with colorful murals, celebrates indigenous, Chicano, Mexican, and Latino art and culture with rotating exhibits and performances.


Horticulturalist Kate Sessions needed room to establish a nursery in 1910. She struck a deal with the city of San Diego in which she promised to plant 100 trees a year in the then-called City Park and 300 trees elsewhere in exchange for 36 acres. A 35-year planting frenzy resulted in 10,000 glorious trees and shrubs, shady arbors draped with bougainvillea, and flower gardens that burst with color throughout the year.


The Alcázar Gardens look particularly beautiful and colorful when in full bloom during the spring.


1. Alcázar Gardens

2. Japanese Friendship Garden

3. Botanical Building and Lily Ponds

4. Palm Canyon

5. Casa del Rey Moro

6. Zoro Garden

7. Rose Garden

8. Desert Garden

9. Florida Canyon

10. Moreton Bay Fig Tree

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