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Real-Time Twilio and Flybase

Build Real-Time Web Apps Using Twilio and Flybase with Node.js

1st ed.
Roger Stringer
Penticton, BC, Canada
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To my daughter Kaitlyn


This book is a collection of a series of previously published blog posts showcasing how to use Twilio and Flybase together to build real-time apps, as well as some new never-before-seen content.

For some background, my name is Roger Stringer. I’m the founder of and lead developer for, as well as the author of Twilio Cookbook (first and second editions). I’ve worked with Twilio’s API for several years and have been building Flybase (and apps with Flybase) for over three years. is a web platform used to store and retrieve data in real time, as well as to send and receive real-time events such as triggers for incoming calls, incoming messages, agents logging off, etc. These two services make a truly winning combination for gathering real-time data, so I wanted to present them here together in this book.

What This Book Covers

Chapter 1, “Building a Real-Time SMS Call Center”: Learn to use Twilio and Flybase and send and receive SMS messages from a browser and see them in real time.

Chapter 2, “Building a Live Blogging Tool”: Use Twilio and Flybase to build a real-time live blogging tool where users can send text messages and media and have them appear on a web page for readers to read.

Chapter 3, “Building a Real-Time Group Chat App”: Build a group chat app to send messages to multiple group members, handy for events.

Chapter 4, “Creating a Click-to-Call Call Center”: Build a “click-to-call” call center, where users can click a link on a web page and initiate a browser-to-browser phone call using Flybase and Twilio Client with a live agent.

Chapter 5, “Building a Salesforce-Powered Call Center”: Build a Salesforce (or any CRM)-embeddable call center or automated call distribution (ACD).

Chapter 6, “Sending Daily SMS Reminders”: Send daily automated SMS messages to users for multipurpose marketing/advertising opportunities.

Chapter 7, “Building a Real-Time Call Tracking Dashboard”: Learn how to build a real-time call tracking dashboard to track where incoming calls are coming from.

About the Author
Roger Stringer

is the founder of Flybase, a real-time application platform that makes it easy for developers to design, build, and scale real-time web and mobile apps in minutes instead of days using client-side code. You can find him on Twitter @freekrai.

About the Technical Reviewer
Rami Morrar

is a self-taught programmer and has coding experience in languages such as C# and C++ for over three years. He has made different coding projects, such as a gaming tutorial website, several desktop applications, and even games in the Unity game engine. He is currently working on his own independent game project in MonoGame, set to be released next year. He has an abundance of charisma for programming and gamedev and talks about them on his blog/made tutorials on the MonoGame framework. He is also cowriting a sequel to the book MonoGame Mastery. In his free time, he likes to play games and look at cool new projects by other indie developers.

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