Your Invitation to the Ride of Your Life


Congratulations! You’ve just begun what I am sure will be a magnificent adventure, and I am honored and excited to be your guide along this powerful and transformational journey. Let me say from the outset that it doesn’t matter if you’ve never ridden a motorcycle, have zero or even little interest in riding a motorcycle, rode in the past, or ride presently; the goal and purpose of this book is to teach you and, in some cases, simply remind you of powerful life lessons that I’ve gleaned while incorporating motorcycle riding into my life as a hobby for the last ten-plus years. You don’t have to be a biking enthusiast or a current rider, but let me warn you: by the time you’re done learning about the various parallels that exist between your life and motorcycle riding, you just may want to welcome this amazing mode of transportation and transformation into your life.

A Motorcycle Is a Metaphor

This book is an invitation for you to become your best self and to level up multiple times. It’s also an opportunity for you to enroll in the next level of your life, on your terms. You’re about to gain some amazingly profound knowledge about how various aspects of motorcycle riding mirror and model your life, career, and/or business. Let me warn you—once you’ve finished reading this book and, more important, started to apply the principles within, you’re never going to see a motorcycle the same way again.

Because from now on, when you see a motorcycle, you will see your life. You’re going to be able to dissect the various aspects of a motorcycle, and doing so will immediately cause you to take an introspective look into your life and/or career and determine what you need to do next in order to shift into a higher gear.

What if I told you everything about motorcycle riding parallels some aspect of your life? From the brakes to the wheels, to the engine, to how to ride, to how you balance the bike, to how you roll the throttle, and even whom you ride with. What if all of it mirrored your life and career in some way? Wouldn’t that be cool? Well, buckle up, because that’s exactly the adventure you’re about to take. Sound good?

For many people, a motorcycle is simply a metaphor for something in life that they’re needlessly afraid of. Think about something right now that you want to grow, develop, or take to that next level, but you’re not doing it because you’re afraid. This book will show you exactly how to step into that thing with full confidence. People often say that motorcycles are dangerous, and I agree, but so are cars, planes, scooters, roller coasters, cruise ships, helicopters, and simply crossing the street these days. It’s all dangerous. However, just because something is dangerous doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. You take calculated blind-trust risks every single day. Ride with caution; but please, let’s ride!

• • •

Imagine that you’re riding in your car on a beautiful sunny day and you come up to a red light. As you wait, a really nice motorcycle pulls up right next to you—and for a split second, you become enthralled imagining the experience that you know the rider is having. You wonder where they’re going and where they may be coming from. And, for that split second, you kind of want to be them. The bike looks and sounds so cool; it’s clean, it’s stylish, and the people on it look as though they are having the best time of their lives. For a moment, you kind of wish you could trade in your car and be on that motorcycle.

Has that ever happened to you? Well, that happened to me for years! I would be riding in my car, minding my own business; a really cool motorcycle would pull up beside me, and I would immediately go into this trance, because I knew that in that moment, there was a level of life that I wasn’t living. There were experiences that I wasn’t having. There were opportunities that I wasn’t taking full advantage of because I had not yet shifted into a higher gear.

So I’m curious: What thoughts and feelings come up for you when you see a motorcycle? Please write them down here.





This is your first interactive opportunity in this book. As we go along through this book, you’ll see various places where I ask you to interact with me. Please participate fully, because you’ll get the most out of this book by doing so.

Have you ever ridden a motorcycle before? Have you ever experienced the sheer thrill of the wind blowing in your face? Ever felt the vibration of the engine roaring underneath you like a lion? Have you ever felt the rush of adrenaline flow through your body as you race from 0 to 70 mph or faster in only a few seconds, with the wind hitting your body powerfully?

It’s quite a rush. And I firmly believe that life is supposed to be a rush as well. Not 100% of the time, of course, but it’s supposed to be an adventure, a dance . . . a motorcycle ride! Think about it: we’ve all heard the expression, “live life to the fullest,” right? Well, when you hear that, what does that mean to you?

Are you currently living your life to the fullest, according to your own definition?

Yes or no?


The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it. —W. M. Lewis

My Bike Experience

I’ve been riding a motorcycle for roughly ten years. I’m pleased and blessed to report that in more than ten years of owning my motorcycle, I’ve never once had an accident. However, during those ten years, riding that same motorcycle has taught me some of the most profound lessons about life and business that I’ve ever learned. That’s right—some of the greatest principles that I’ve learned about life and business haven’t come from seminars, haven’t come from other books, and haven’t come from mentors, even though all of these outlets have taught me so much amazing stuff that I love, value, and appreciate.

After riding my motorcycle for about two years, I began to start receiving what I call divine downloads about how things I was experiencing on my bike rides parallel important lessons for life and business. Each time I would take my motorcycle out, I would get a different message, illustration, metaphor, or life principle. I began to journal about these insights and save them. About a year later, I was invited to speak at a large event, so I asked whether I could make my presentation an illustrated speech by bringing my motorcycle on stage. It was a huge hit. I then gave that same presentation, back then called “Living Life Full Throttle,” several more times—each time live with my motorcycle on stage. After the fifth time giving that presentation, I knew that I was on to something unique and extremely powerful because I had never seen a speaker use a motorcycle as a prop and teach such profound metaphors using it as I was. In 2013, I turned that illustrated keynote speech into a four-day conference called the Full Throttle Experience. Using experiential learning techniques, I taught high-achieving career professionals and entrepreneurs how to get the most out of their lives, push passed their limitations, heal from the disappointments of life, and roll the throttle by taking massive action on their dreams. Until now, the principles you’re about to read in this book were taught only at my conference. And I am blessed to now be able to expand the reach of this content through my partnership with Berrett-Koehler Publishers and share the lessons that I’ve seen transform the lives of so many through my live events, and help you shift into a higher gear so that you can better your best and live life to the fullest.

Why This Book Now?

I firmly believe that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Something about where you are in your life right now has attracted this book to you as a very powerful solution. You may not even know this, but you’re ready for something different. You are ready for a shift of some sort in your life. Otherwise, you wouldn’t pick up a book with this title. I am honored to serve as a teacher in your life through this literary experience.

In 2016, the global health care brand Abbott conducted a study, surveying two million people globally.1 The survey asked participants to identify the key indicators of a fulfilling life.

• 32% said family

• 12% said success

• 8% said giving

• 7% said health

Of these four, which would you rate as the most important indicator of your living a fulfilling life?

When the survey participants were asked to name the top barriers to living a fulfilling life, here were their responses:

• 44% said money

• 33% said time

• 20% said work

• 18% said priorities

Would you say that these are the same barriers you face when it comes to living the quality of life that you desire? Well, this book addresses what’s holding you back and exactly how you can move forward powerfully.

The study also found that on a 1–100 scale, the global average for people rating themselves as fulfilled in their lives was 68, meaning that globally, we are failing at living a fulfilling life. Here are the ten countries with the highest average fulfillment ratings:

1. China

2. Costa Rica

3. Columbia

4. Mexico

5. Indonesia

6. Thailand

7. Peru

8. Germany

9. Philippines

10. Malaysia

The United States ranked 65th on the scale, which is just below the global average.

Take a moment and journal about what this research means to you personally and how it can help to shape and frame how you want to shift into a higher gear so that you can better your best and live life to the fullest.

Shift into a Higher Gear is a crucial read at this point in human history because I believe that globally—as the research I’ve just cited indicates, humanity is asking very similar questions. In my travels as a top-ranked peak performance expert and global keynote speaker, I’ve experienced unique “laboratories” for the last twenty years. Having worked with top organizations and spoken for very prestigious conventions, I’ve learned that we human beings are very similar in our desires for that ever-elusive “next level.” Everyone wants to top himself or herself, and I’ve never met a single person who doesn’t want to be the best in their industry or at their profession and craft. We all want to lead fulfilling lives and mean something. I also have learned that we all need that push, jolt, and springboard that will propel us into that next place. I firmly believe that this book is it for you. Let’s be honest: the global pandemic of 2020 caused humanity a moment of pause. It made all of us rethink what we want most in life.

In my keynote speeches that I deliver globally to audiences both live and virtually, I often teach about change. And one of the ideas that I always share is that change takes place at two speeds: revolutionary and evolutionary—in other words, fast change and slow change. But what’s interesting is that when I ask most audiences and most people whether they’d like change to be slow or fast, they always want fast change. On a motorcycle, if you want to manifest what you want faster, then you’ve got to shift into a higher gear. Most people want what they want—just faster. Whether it’s paying off debt, obtaining their dream home, being forgiven for a mistake they made, finding their ideal soul mate, losing weight, reuniting family members, getting in better shape, building their wealth portfolio, traveling for fun, or just learning new skills—most people want what they want . . . just faster. So to get it faster, you’re going to have to shift into a higher gear! in this book, I’ll show you how to get that faster.

How to Get the Most out of This Book

Research suggests that to get the most out of any learning experience, the learner/reader must be in an active learning state. This goes against the traditional way that we were taught. Most of us were taught in very passive learning environments. This book, by contrast, is designed to make you participate in the learning. It’s been proven that retention of content explodes to 70%–90% when a person is in active learning mode when they’re learning the material. I mention all of this because my goal is for you to have a learning experience with this book. It’s literally a seminar on paper. I don’t want you to read it passively. I want you to read it actively. So I’ve intentionally built in many exercises and activities, and I’ve even put in spaces where I want you to actually write in this book. Your feedback as we go through this process will be invaluable and essential to your overall success. My master’s degree is in instructional systems design and performance enhancement, and I’ve written this book in such a way that you will be able to get the most out of it.

If I were you, I’d get a special journal just for this book and the many revelations and lessons that it will unpack for you. I encourage you to write in it, answer questions in it, and process your thoughts and feelings and the actions steps that you’ll be inspired to take as a result of what you encounter. In addition, I am a big believer that success is better together. I strongly suggest that you find someone to experience this book with. They can be a friend, colleague, coworker, significant other, family member, business associate, or just someone who has similar goals, ambition, drive, and standards of excellence that you do.

Each chapter title starts with an action verb intentionally. Each chapter also concludes with a list titled “Five Ways You Can Shift Higher and Tune Up the Motorcycle of Your Life.” These are reminders to help you keep up with the maintenance of your bike so that you can achieve the optimal use of it. They are also meant to remind you of the content that’s most powerful to help you prepare for the next chapter. The goal is to make you take massive action or, as I like to say, “Roll the Throttle.” Because the throttle of your life is always taking intelligent and consistent action toward your desires. That’s what the throttle represents: you hitting the gas pedal in life, business, and career so you can get moving in the direction you really want to go. You’ll learn more about that later in the book. With five action steps per chapter, you’ll be exposed to more than sixty different action steps you can take to help you arrive at your destination and enjoy the ride at the same time.

In addition, at the end of the book there’s a thirty-plus-question Discussion Guide designed to make you think about all the various ways you can apply what you’ve learned to your life; that’s what I want for you. We’ve also built a website with a variety of bonus content that just didn’t make it into this book. Make sure you visit and enroll for free in our global online Shift Higher Biker Community. You’ll want to join our Facebook page as well. Our goal is to rally readers of this book from all over the globe so that we can support, encourage, and inspire one another to do exactly what the title of this book suggests!

P.S. One final thing. Remember that you will always find whatever you’re looking for. Look for big and small breakthroughs as you read. Open yourself up to the possibility that you will experience breakthroughs throughout this book, and that’s exactly what will happen for you, because they are everywhere. OK . . . are you ready? Let’s grow!

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