About the Author

For the first 30 years of her life, Kelly Pfeiffer didn’t enjoy, er… hated cooking. She often found herself in the kitchen mid-cooking realizing she was missing an important ingredient—like when making Honey Dijon Chicken and discovering she didn’t have any mustard! The shift came when she realized she much preferred looking into the pantry, seeing what was on hand, and creating something from scratch rather than trying to follow someone else’s recipe. And, in doing so, she discovered she was quite talented at creating delicious, unique, and nourishing recipes—and that she actually enjoyed it!

In March 2012, Kelly started the blog Nosh and Nourish to showcase her recipes and exquisite food photography and inspire others to live a happy, healthy life. Her goal is to make healthy eating seem doable in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. She is the author of the cookbook, Superfoods at Every Meal—that has had great success and is printed in over six languages! Her food and recipes have been featured in Women’s Fitness magazine, Fox News Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Country Living, Parade magazine, and The Huffington Post. When not creating new recipes or taking pictures of them, she can be found exploring the mountains, gardening, hiking, or fly-fishing. She and her husband live with their daughter and two beagles in a small mountain town outside of Denver, Colorado. Kelly’s blog can be found online at: www.noshandnourish.com.

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