To my wife, Kathy, my best friend, helper, cheerleader, and sounding board, who has put up with this craziness four times and helped each time. I couldn’t do it without you. Thanks, Kath—more than you know.

Of course, this is also for Buzz and Nancy Riopelle—friends for decades, helpers forever—especially Nancy, for lotions and potions and candles and wax and common sense beyond measure, and Buzz for everything beekeeping. Where would we all be without Buzz and the pictures I can take and the hints he shares? Thanks, Buzz.

And, most importantly, to the thousands and thousands and thousands (and even more thousands) of beekeepers in my life who have shared what they have learned, what they know, and what they have done in the rest of the world.

And of course, the bees. Where would we be without the bees?

Isn’t life grand?

Yes, it is.

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