“Written in an engaging and accessible style, Allan takes a deep dive into the world of sonic branding, with a particular emphasis on sonic logos—the sound signatures that serve as the ‘voice’ of the brands they represent. This is formidable work of scholarship, laden with practical wisdom, and a welcome addition to the literature in this emerging area of marketing.”—James J. Kellaris, Composer, musician, and Womack/Gemini Professor of Marketing at the University of Cincinnati

“Of all the distinctive sonic assets available to brands, the sonic logo is certainly one of the hardest working. In “Super Sonic Logos,” Allan explores these small but mighty sonic signatures. From the three notes of the NBC chime to the five notes of the Intel bong, David educates and entertains with a behind the scenes look into the history and creation of some of the most iconic sonic logos in the world. Ba da ba BA ba—I’m lovin’ it.”—Steve Keller, Sonic Strategy Director, Studio Resonate, SXM Media

“Sound powerfully affects us all, even though most of us—and most brands—are unconscious of this. Great brands deliver consistent experience in all the senses, so they design for the ears as well as the eyes. That’s why sonic logos have become so potent and so vital for every brand to consider. This book records in detail how some of the world’s greatest sonic logos came about, making it an invaluable guide for any brand that wants to form a deeper emotional connection with its audience using the power of sound.”—Julian Treasure, Chairman, The Sound Agency

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