Introduction to 3D Printing 2nd Edition vii
A great deal has changed since the 2016 edition of this book. Where once
we assumed that 3D printers were going to be everywhere, we now know
that they will be in many places, but it may take some time before they’ll
wind up in every home. Still, if youre reading this book, that means that
you’re about to embark on a potentially life-changing journey.
Join the newest generation of makers as they wield the tools of digital fab-
rication to transmute thought into reality. The CNC machine carves metal,
the laser cutter etches wood, and the PCB writer harnesses the power of
electricity to drive even the most complex of robotics. But there may be no
tool of alchemy more powerful than the 3D printer.
Follow along with this book, and you will be initiated into an elite society of
alchemists who are capable of transforming the very matter of the physical
world around you. Like me, you will become a maker.
I can tell you from personal experience that learning how to 3D print may
not always be fun, but it will always be rewarding. Life, when you love
3D printing, can be a tumultuous one of clogged print heads, broken belt
drives, and unruly 3D CAD models. There is hope, but you must start
somewhere. And there’s no better place to start than with this book,
written by two educational alchemists—Liza Wallach Kloski and Nick
Kloski of HoneyPoint3D™.
They have already empowered many thousands of apprentices, having suc-
cessfully launched their own wildly popular educational program devoted
to teaching the ins and outs of 3D printing. Liza and Nick will be able to
accompany you on your journey as two Sherpa guides who will be there
for you when your wires are crossed, your extruders are clogged, and your
print bed isn’t level.
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Introduction to 3D Printing 2nd Edition vii
Soon, you will understand how to turn the mental into the physical, the
digital into the material. You’ll be able to clone everyday items, teleport
them across thousands of miles, or reconfigure them to suit your own
needs. You’ll befriend other mystics, like yourself, who can help you to
hone your powers. You might even join a local chapter of the elders, a
makerspace, where secret rites and rituals will see you unite your powers
with the collective to unleash even mightier projects on the world at large.
Or you could introduce the technology to your own business for the engi-
neering of new designs, products, tools, jigs and fixtures.
That is what you can expect when you end your journey. Once you complete
this guide, you, my friend, will become one of the initiated. You will be a
—Michael Molitch-Hou
The Voice of 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing
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